Stigmonsta – “Logia Astro”

The new release from Stigmonsta : Logia Astro is all about finding ones direction in life while navigating the stars, A enlightening musical sci fi perspective of astrology with elements of galactic travel, hear Stigmonsta combine industrial and Hip-Hop, When listening learn to find your own northern star and regenerate to a higher level of consciousness while entering some kind of audible cosmic journey through space filled with scrolls and constellations

  1. Intro
  2. Northern Star
  3. Cypher Lighter
  4. Logia Orbit I
  5. Scanning Sirius
  6. Regeneration
  7. Something Relevant
  8. F.W.O.M.A.
  9. Solar Winds
  10. Logia Orbit II
  11. Skulls & Scrolls
  12. Nebula Traveller
  13. Logia Orbit III
  14. Outro

Stream via Spotify below:

from Faygoluvers


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