Prozak to star in new TV series “Haunting in the Heartland”

Steven T. Shippy, better known as Prozak in the Juggalo world is a man of many talents and interests. He might be a prominent figure in the rap scene, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding the time to be an avid paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker. So far, he has produced and directed 10 films including A Haunting on Brockway Street and A Haunting at the Hoyt Library. For a full list of his works, you can check out his IMDb page.

Prozak’s latest venture into the world of paranormal documentaries will consist of a brand new television series called Haunting in the Heartland which will premiere on the Travel Channel on February 21 at 10|9c. The show’s focus centres around several stories of unexplained paranormal experiences present in many towns across the American Midwest. Prozak is no stranger to the paranormal having lived in rural Michigan as he explains:

Growing up in a haunted house in a small Midwestern town, I understand the isolation of the experience, and it was only when others in town started to have similar experiences that I realized I wasn’t alone – Like my documentaries, working on this show is truly my life’s work. These small towns have a bigger story to tell, and in order to find the resolution these families need now, we need to piece together their past.”

The show will consist of 6 one-hour episodes in which Prozak visits different locations each with their own stories of paranormal phenomena. In these episodes he sets out to decipher the mysteries and come to an appropriate resolution so as to help these communities find some closure among all the fear and panic. Confirmed locations for the show include Merrill, Michigan, Atchison, Kansas, and Malvern, Iowa.

To learn more about the show you can visit Travel Channel’s webpage where they provide their own summary as well as some more information about Steve Shippy (Prozak). You can also make use of the hastag #HauntingInTheHeartland to find more updates and discuss the show with other fans!

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