Mackenzie Nicole – “Five Months, Four Days” [Official Music Video]

The second track on Mystic, “Five Months, Four Days” initiates the romantic storyline of the album. It is as close as Mystic gets to a love song, detailing an irredeemably chaotic relationship and the snowball effect that occurs when one gets involved with another person in an attempt to save them, only to be dragged down to their level in the process.

It all happened so fast. Sirens sound as if foreshadowing something ominous. He believes he is entirely pure, absolved of all sin. She will always feel more than he does. She will always love him more than he could ever love her. She will always have more reasons to hate him than she could ever give him. Every time she sees him, he grows less and less amused with the relationship. All she wants is to make it all work out…and he’s bored. Is he going to leave? She dares him to. With everything she has already given to and given up for him, she will not let him go.

She does not realize that you cannot revive dead roses by keeping them. Regardless of the wreck imminent, she holds onto the steering wheel white-knuckled, still believing she’s the one in control.

from Faygoluvers


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