ESHAM Releases Track Lists for “She Loves Me” and “She Loves Me Not”

The Godfather of the Wicket Shit, ESHAM will be releasing two brand new albums in the next few weeks!  We’re talking over 30 tracks of new music!

The first album, She Loves Me drops digitally on February 2nd.  The 2nd, She Loves Me Not comes out just a few weeks later on February 20th!

First, check out the track list for She Loves Me:

She Loves Me

  1. Kat Cobain
  2. Kill Meow
  3. Magical Thinking (feat. Daniel Jordan)
  4. Mic Jack
  5. Pinot Grigio
  6. Prey to God
  7. Football Players
  8. Under the Influencer
  9. Aquafina
  10. Unicorn
  11. Catatonic
  12. Still Boomin
  13. Lost Souls
  14. Cancel Culture
  15. The Oven Mitt

You can pre-order She Loves Me on iTunes for only $11.99 at this link:

There’s no pre-order yet for the second of two albums, She Loves Me Not, but you can still peep the track list below:

She Loves Me Not

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Superstitious
  3. Fire
  4. Heavy Mental
  5. Rap Science
  6. Happy Trails
  7. Pharmaceuticals
  8. Last Ride to Hell
  9. Hello Satan
  10. Enemies in High Places
  11. Carcinogens
  12. Escape from Saturn
  13. Artificial Intelligence
  14. Bag of Demons
  15. Grotesque
  16. Howl Dog

Mark your calendars for both of these and don’t miss out on some of that all new wicket shit!

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