Brooklyn Vegan covers Big Ballas 2019: Ballas On A Boat [Photo & Video Gallery]

Every time there’s a Juggalo-related event in New York, the Brooklyn Vegan website always shows us a lot of love!  This year’s Ballas On a Boat is no exception!  They gave a brief description of the event, shared a photo gallery of 80+ Pictures, and linked to several pictures and videos taken by Juggalos and Juggalettes on the voyage.

First, check the description below.


Thosefree Santacon party yachtswound up getting cancelled, but just a week later, juggalos took to the East River for Psychopathic Records’Ballas on a Boat. TheInsane Clown Posse-hosted cruise set sail aboard Rocks Off’s Liberty Bell from Pier 36 on Saturday night (12/21) for a festive, debaucherous, and surprisingly Faygo-free trip. ICP headlined, playing in front of a “Merry Fuckin’ Xmas Bitch,” sign, and you can see the seasonal shenanigans from the affair in our photos from the night, in the gallery above, and a few fan-taken videos (and one from ICP themselves) below.

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