New “Band Of Brothers” Single Released by Big B and the Felons Club

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new music out of Big B, but that is about to change!  He has teamed up with a band of musicians called The Felons Club, and just dropped a brand new single called “Band Of Brothers (This Is How I Roll)”.

Along with the single, there’s a press release where you can find out more about Big B’s latest project.  There are a bunch of new socials to follow which I’ll post here:

Check the press release below:


Southern California singer/rapper Big B has returned with his new group The Felons Club. The group has released their first taste of new music in the form of the new single “Band of Brothers (This is How I Roll)” online here:

The track was produced by multi-platinum producer Michael Bradford, who has produced albums for Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker.

“We grew up around the biker culture and were raised to love the outlaw lifestyle. The Felons Club is just a way to express that, as we’ve always rode motorcycles. We’ve always partied and have always been ready to get into some shit. That’s our life, so we figured why not make a soundtrack for it,” commented Big B. “We may not all be felons but we sure as hell have committed a few felonies. It’s not just music it’s a movement. Fly your flag high and let them know the Felons Club is here.”

With the release of The Felons Club comes a natural sonic evolution for Big B as he puts his own unique stamp on the classic outlaw sound. Big B continues to evolve musically with each and every project he releases. His unorthodox style that leaps between rock, hip-hop, and country to create the soundtrack for road trips and cold beers with good friends. The Felons Club is music for misfits and outlaws who live life full throttle.

What do you think about the new track?

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