Boondock Sinners (K-Fix & Omega Sin) – “Hood Fiction”

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  1. Ezekial 25 17
  2. Fresh Off The Boat
  3. Hold Up
  4. 6 Feet Underground (ft. Lokey)
  5. No Smoke (ft. Twisted Insane)
  6. Anything (ft. Fred Nice, Tyni Toon)
  7. Hating (ft. Leah La Rue, 2 Doe)
  8. Back On My Feet (ft. Minus)
  9. Feel Me (ft. Chedr)
  10. The Zombie Interlude
  11. Feed You To My Zombie
  12. Till I Fall Out (ft. Jayden Young)
  13. Get It Out The Mud
  14. Hustle Till I Die (ft. Kaotic Klique)
  15. Angel Of Death (ft. Fo Rilo)
  16. Same Road (ft. Jimi Starr)
  17. STFU [Remix] (ft. Project Pat)

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