Wrekonize – “Lanes” [Freestyle]

Produced by Nice Guy Mean Beats


I’m having trouble staying in my lane
This world is feeling pretty strange
We dodging hurricanes
Wrek is back to serve again
I been on my weekly shit
Dropping like unlucky klutz
If you ain’t been feeling this
You’re welcome to suck the nuts
Boundless rocking the spots beyond Aldous
Snow he got that flow and it’s so magical like Albus
How does one man rock like a fucking fleet
He been known to love the beat turn it to a mutt in heat
I got this album that I’m working on
Just taking my time every line is a perfect pawn
Moving for the King let it ring like a servants gong
If you feel the sting in your skin you’ll be birthed tomorrow
A battle Rapping alumni my catalog dumb fly
I had em all tongue tied
But that was the sunrise
By night I’m like hung high
Opponents are gun shy
They talk but they lungs lie
Y’all must be dumb fried
Baked like a Plum Pie
I’m Sharper than Rum Rye
I don’t do one grind
See I’m on my lunch time
i cut through the sunshine
get straight to the punchline
Yeah You don’t know the half of this
I been running tracks since back when Joel was holding Catalyst
Rest in Peace in these streets we complete the packages
In the speech slither creep Benny’s like a basilisk
Fire in The Sky
Got my morse code brothers loaded up for Canada we ride
Managing my mind’s like a ravenous design
My paragraphs align like their married to the rhyme
Carried over time ain’t no matter how it binds
Rappers spit fast but they ain’t got one adequate line
Matt’s the nice guy Beats are mean and savage I’m
Here to start the mass of 9 Catch us if you can’t unwind

from Faygoluvers


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