Necro & Mr. Hyde Featured on Episode #7 of the Diablo’s Den Podcast!

The Diablo’s Den Podcast is an underground podcast hosted by your homies Danny Diablo and Jay Reason.

Episode #7 just dropped and it features death rap specialists and Psycho+Logical-Records recording artists Necro and Mr. Hyde!

In this episode, Danny, Jay, and Necro discuss coming up in the ’90s hip-hop scene, beefs with various other MCs, his love for all thing Metallica, getting sued by Ani Defranco, and more!

His brother Mr. Hyde speaks on his upcoming releaseThe Boogeyman Is Real” dropping on September 29th! Check out our post for that release HERE.

The episode is available on iTunes right now! Check that out by CLICKING HERE or you can check out the video version (which is the much better option) down below.

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