Mr. Grey Announces Across Social Media “Gorilla Voltage Is No More”

There has be quite a stir of speculation on what’s been going on within the underground world of Gorilla Voltage and today (sadly) Mr. Grey took to social media (about an hour ago) in a quick post to verify to fans the harsh fact that Gorilla Voltage is no more. Apparently it’s been like that for awhile now and Mr. Grey is asking fans to please stop asking. We have no details as to why this decision occurred, just a quick simple post from Mr. Grey’s personal social media to the public.

Mr. Grey:

“I want to air this out finally. Gorilla Voltage is no more and hasn’t been for awhile so please stop asking p.s. it never will be again.”

Fam, this sucks. But please don’t feed into any bullshit troll rumors. Just be happy we were able to witness and enjoy the music of Gorilla Voltage/The Damn Dirty Apes through our minds, hearts, and ears.  We here at wish both Mr. Grey and Clocworc the absolute best!



from Faygoluvers


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