MC Lars And Watsky Featured In Yahoo.Com’s “5 Songs That Resonate With Me As a Suicide Loss Survivor”

Both indie rapper champions MC Lars and Watsky create hip-hop tracks underground fans can relate to on a personal level. And it’s super powerful to see them mentioned inside a serious music related Yahoo.Com lifestyle article in regards to 5 songs that resonated with a suicide loss survivor. Music saves lives, period! Here are the exact quotes that journalist Hannah Moch wrote in reference to MC Lars and Watsky being included in “Yahoo.Com’s “5 Songs That Resonate With Me As a Suicide Loss Survivor”. 

“When I was 13, I lost my friend Malaya to suicide. The year after her death, I got involved with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and I’ve been involved in the suicide prevention world to varying degrees ever since. Even with all the community I’ve found over the last 13 years, I still get a certain feeling when suicide loss comes up in pop culture: the feeling of being seen. Representation matters, especially when it comes to our life experiences.

There are a lot of songs about grief and those can speak to the experience of suicide loss, but these five songs are specifically about it.”

1. “Wounded Healer” by Watsky

Based on the lyrics, it seems this song is about the suicide death of Watsky’s father’s friend. As a young suicide loss survivor, the song does a beautiful job of wrestling with the awareness of mortality I felt after Malaya died. The first verse after mentioning the suicide loss has Watsky discussing his fear of his father getting older. Losing a friend brought a whole new awareness of mortality.

5. “Twenty-Three” by MC Lars

This is the one song on the list that was made explicitly for suicide prevention awareness. The most powerful part of this song for me is when MC Lars plays a clip of his friend’s voice. It’s so simple but I remember the relief of finding a clip of Malaya on my phone. Having recordings like that keep their voice alive long after they’re gone. I’m sure it’s hard for MC Lars to listen to the clip, but it is an incredibly powerful way to remind people that those lost to suicide are ordinary humans, who had fun and good times with friends.


3. “Send in the Sun” by Watsky

“…who am I to say a choice you made was stupid, but there’s a bunch of us who love you… F-ing stuck here pointing fingers at ourselves for something you did.”

I think this is the first song I ever heard that really made me feel seen as a loss survivor when it came out in 2013. The beautiful balance that Watsky expresses in this song between compassion and anger is something I’ve seen countless suicide loss survivors experience. You can hear Watsky struggle to keep himself from yelling as he levels accusations that his friends “went away forever to a new place.” I also know very few suicide loss survivors who didn’t point fingers at themselves and others at some moment in their journey. It’s a part of the process, the search for why.

(Content warning: method mentioned in the song.)

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