MC Lars And Mega Ran Nominated By The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards!

Whoa! Just woke up to the kick ass news that nerdcore giants MC Lars and Mega Ran have been nominated 62nd Annual Grammy Awards for “Best Children’s Music Album” for their literature hip-hop masterpiece “the Dewey Decibel System” one-hundred percent independently! How fresh is that!?

From MC Lars Across Social Media:

“Woke up to the amazing news that my album “the Dewey Decibel System” with Mega Ran made the shortlist for a children’s Grammy Awards nomination! We still have a long way to go to make it to the final round, but it’s amazing to be one step closer to a dream.

Thanks to Raheem Jarbo for being so patient with my edits and changes on this album, to Richard Matthew and Brad Theophila for their hard work creating it, and to all of the collaborators and Kickstarter supporters.

If you know any voting members in the Grammy academy, please, please encourage them to vote! Raheem Jarbo has posted a “for your consideration” link here:

from Faygoluvers


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