Insane Clown Posse Featured in NME Article About Music’s Obsession with Clowns

First of all, ninjas, “NME” not “MNE.” Cool?

The Insane Clown Posse has just been featured in a brand new article posted by titled “Wig Out! Music’s Obsession With Clowns.” The article isn’t about just clowns but creepy clowns as well. Mostly because there are a lot of creepy clowns in music for some reason. ICP are “wicked” clowns which is close to “creepy.”

Other musical clowns mentioned in the article include Clown from Slipknot, Mac Sabbath, and even Krusty the Clown!

Check out the entire article right now at by CLICKING HERE. You can check out the first section of the article that features ICP below.

Props to James McMahon.

Music has a proud history of creepy clowns. Whatever you do, don’t book any of these guys for your children’s birthday party…

Roll up, roll up! If you suffer from coulrophobia – that’ll be a constant and persistent fear of clowns – it may well be best you look away now, because there’s more clowning around on this page than an explosion in a red nose factory, and with the forthcoming release of It Chapter Two this week, everything is getting red and floaty.

The word coulrophobia actually stems from the Greek Kolon word for stilt-walkers. This means that the Greeks not only invented map making, the Olympics and democracy, but the knowledge that ultimately clowns are very, very scary. Let’s hear it for the Greeks!

Sadly for coulrophobics, music isfullof clowns. Consider 90’s hardcore hip-hop duo theInsane Clown Posse, who, for thirty-years-now, have negated critical derision with genuine, life-changing adoration from their fans. The Detroit band’s followers call themselves ‘Juggalos’ and gather in their tens of thousands for a yearly festival called, um, the ‘Gathering Of The Juggalos’, an event the band themselves describe as “a Juggalo Woodstock”. Perhaps the creepy clown’s greatest contribution to popular culture, however, is a lyric taken from their 2010 hit ‘Miracles’; “fucking magnets. How do they work?”

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