Hallowicked and After Party Flyer/Details Announced!

For those of you who live in Detroit, or are making your annual journey there like me, there has been some details released about this year’s Hallowicked festivities!  Of course you already know that it’s taking place at The Russell…but did you know who is opening up for the Wicked Clowns?  Well, we’ve got answers!

You’ll get to see Big Hoodoo, Ouija Macc, Green Jelly, and ESHAM all slaughtering the stage before ICP shuts shit down!  Here’s the official word.

From Facebook.com/InsaneClownPosse:

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Nobody does Halloween like The Wicked Clowns, and this year’s Hallowicked is set to peel the wig off your pumpkin! EshamGreen JelloOuija Macc, and Big Hoodoo are adding even more flavor to this feverishly frightening night!

Get your tickets now! https://www.ticketweb.com/event/icps-hallowicked-2019-the-russell-tickets/9647825

VIP Packs Available! https://soundrink.com/#/event/insane-clown-posse-10-31-detroit-mi2

Right after the main attraction, there’s still a whole other show’s worth of festivities!  That’s right…the Hallowicked After Party goes down immediately following Hallowicked, and you don’t even have to go anywhere! You get to see it at The Russell, and it’ll feature performances by Lyte, DJ Clay, Damien Quinn, Bobby Knucklez, Histio, P.Thang Crazy P, Roxxi Red, and Rookz!  Peep the official flyer:


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What else do you need to know? You know damn well where you’ll be for Hallowicked! Now you know exactly what to expect!  See you ninjas next month!

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