Wrekonize – “Get Right Witcha” [Freestyle]


33 Knee deep no turning back
Knees weak from the burning track
Free speech off churning yak
Now I’m three sheets like Bernie Mac
I’m a drink champ that’s word to E
Word To NORE Serve us 3
Next round’s my courtesy
So let’s do shots till we feel the third degree
talking awesome on and popping
Rock for the commandants that palm the profit
I been on a lawless ride beyond the coffin
I just wanna bomb the office sorry bosses
Tried to be civilized
but ya paying us small and we never been the to type be minimized
I got plenty of people incentivized
to come burn this down lemme tell you why
Breaking bad the paper stack is hateful and baked in fact
it’s basically enabled the cake to cast a shameful mask of angels
That Damien has to shape and blast the angles
I don’t wanna stay long Plus I got a casual battle with Satan
You ever heard a Mayday song
well you know that Wrekonize liable to spit Napalm
Rhyming with A-aron
Got a nice plaque from the bat and the snake huh
Now I’m just trying to figure out
how to get another one and finally get around the 8 ball
Hate to be late y’all
but its taken quite a while for my profile to make calls
Started as a unsure teen now at 36 chambers
I’m feeling like it’s yay tall
Walk in the great hall
I’m like what’s good in the hood with the face off
A bunch of fake killers on beats just leave stained drawers in the meet like paint ball
Bang Bang bang ya Nobody believe you we training to aim on
You’re gonna need a Propain campaign
if you ever wanna flame up the game like 8off
Feel the Burn skin fades off
anybody walking around when I lay laws
You got on the mic and they felt hot too
but it turned out you burned like Madoff
We bang beats never they soft
They take lunches to play golf
They make fun of the way all
all us of live and we let em get the playoffs
Bitch get up out your seats and leave the booze and
We the people oversee the movement
We the freedom fighters for the music
No need to be finicky for losers
Gimmicky was never the solution
I’ll be building up a realer schooling
You can keep the silliest of students
Tonight I might hop a plane and fly off the range
Stepped back in and a lot has changed
I might stop the rain and buy stock today
Rock the range and here’s a proclamation
Wreking crew is the indoctrination
Wreking tunes is just an occupation
On my way to prop up the population and I’m gone

from Faygoluvers


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