Super Famous Fun Time Guys – “How Do You Fit A Cassette In A Discography?”

The Super Famous Fun Time Guys second full-length album How Do You Fit A Cassette In A Discography?” is now available for pre-order at!

This “extremely turbulent and vastly under-anticipated” release is dropping on CD, August 23rd and includes features with McNastee, Grewsum, Majik Duce, Madd Maxxx, Krawldad (who you may know by a different name if you pay attention to the track), and more! The album will also be available in digipacks, and a limited run of cassettes.

Check out the tracklist:

Side A

  1. BFF 2
  2. Unibros
  3. Lame Shit feat. Durte
  4. Watercooler Recap
  5. Pinata
  6. Helpful Heroes feat. McNastee & Grewsum

Side B

  1. WWYD feat. Nipple Sweet
  2. Bouncehouse Bastards feat. Madd Maxxx
  3. Nah We Aint Cool feat. Majik Duce
  4. Crawlspace feat. Krawldad
  5. Pardon Me feat. Zero
  6. Positive

I have no idea how to even begin to fit a cassette into a discography or what that even means but I plan on grabbing the release to find out! You should too, and you can at by CLICKING HERE.

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