Kung Fu Vampire Announces “Come Dawn” CD Pre-Order Packages + 2019 US Tour Starting Next Month!

Grab a Faygo and a comfortable chair because this is gonna be a long post, homies.

A few days ago, we announced that Kung Fu Vampire‘s highly anticipated album “Come Dawn” was available for pre-order, but your only option at that time was the digital route. Now, for you old-school ninjas with a physical collection like myself (is that old-school yet?), CD pre-orders have been announced and are available right now at KungFuVampire.com!

If you don’t know, “Come Dawn” is dropping on August 30th and features 15 brand new provocative, exotic and downright disturbingly honest” tracks that also pays a bit of homage to the ’80s.

Features on the album include FuturisticX-RaidedMarsThe Jokerr1 TonDikulzDJ ClayC-MobK DaverDirtbag DanGorilla VoltageProHoeZak & Bukshot.

Producers for the release include: Chris PaxtonProHoeZakGodsynthNobe Inf GangHigh OctaneDuranamoMok BeatzAgrpa & The Butler.

Now you know.

KFV decided to go with the bundle options which is honestly one of the smartest, freshest ways to sell your CD’s online. You have four different bundle options to choose from.

Bundle Option #1

Autographed digi-pak “Come Dawn” CD & Posters

Click to order

Bundle Option #2

Autographed digi-pak “Come Dawn” CD, 3 Posters, KFV T-Shirt, Die Cut Sticker, PVC Patch (Sew/Velcro)

Click to order

Bundle Option #3

Autographed digi-pak “Come Dawn” CD, 3 Posters, GPK T-Shirt, Die Cut Sticker, PVC Patch (Sew/Velcro)

Click to order

Bundle Option #4

Autographed digi-pak “Come Dawn” CD, Jersey, 3 Posters, GPK T-Shirt, KFV T-Shirt, Die Cut Sticker, PVC Patch (Sew/Velcro), Pendant

Click to order

If you’re not interested in owning the CD you can still pre-orderCome Dawn” on iTunes at Music.Apple.com by CLICKING HERE or on Google Play by CLICKING HERE.

One benefit you get from ordering digitally is that you get the tracks 1986” and “Love at First Bite” as soon as you order!

Alright, we’re not done yet because, in support of this monster release, Kung Fu Vampire will be heading out on the Come Dawn Tour 2019! This is a US tour that’s kicking off this September, Friday the 13th in San Jose, CA! Right now we have 21 dates but more are being added, so don’t start bitchin’ if you don’t see your city listed, ninja!

Check out those dates and locations:

9/13 – San Jose, CA – The Ritz 
9/14 – Reno, NV – Verdi Distillery
9/15 – Elko, NV – Smokey Vibes
9/17 – Salt Lake City, UT – Liquid Joe’s
9/18 – Bozeman, MT – The Filling Station
9/20 – Bemidji, MN – Veterans Memorial
9/21 – Duluth, MN – TBA
9/22 – Minneapolis, MN – The Red Sea
9/24 – La Crosse, WI – Boot Hill
9/25 – Eau Claire, WI – The Plus
9/27 – Milwaukee, WI – Xray Arcade Bar
9/28 – South Bend, IN – Cheer’s Pub
9/29 – Cleveland, OH – The Odeon
10/2 – Rochester, NY – TBA
10/3 – Sarasota Springs, NY – Putnam Den 
10/4 – Lebanon, ME – Charleez Hill
10/5 – Laconia, NH – Underground Lounge
10/6 – Providence, RI – Fete Music Hall
10/8 – Harrisburg, PA – HMAC
10/11 – Greenville, SC – The Radio Room
10/12 – Charlotte, NC – The Crown Station

Keep hitting up KungFuVampire.com/Tour for more.

So we got the album dropping in a couple of weeks, the dope pre-order bundle packages, and the tour. Now we just need a couple of music videos from the release and maybe a Faygoluvers interview and we’re set!

Do you wanna get “Come Dawn?” Get “Come Dawn,” ninjas. Get “Come Dawn” as soon as you can. I saw this Juggalette the other day and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I can tell she’s gonna get “Come Dawn.”‘

Alright, I’ll stop… But seriously, grab the album, homies!

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