Hip-Hop DX And Their Anonymous Source Lied About Willie D And Scarface (Geto Boys) Not Doing A Moment Of Silence For The Late Bushwick Bill. THEY DID!

The most important rule inside journalism is to fact check. It’s sacredly significantly important, especially in the digital age dealing with bullshit stories constantly going viral with large amount of internet users  of society latching onto fake memes/satire articles as real events/real facts, thus largely contributing to  mass spreading of false info through every inch of the web. Two days ago the popular hip-hop media site  Hip-Hop DX  miserably  failed to fact check. And in a rather poor decision, the Editor “Trent Clark” behind Hip-Hop DX  decided to jump the gun (probably) to snatch up the extra ad-revenue and ignorantly believe in a faux anonymous source that still confusingly/mysteriously hasn’t revealed themselves.  The garbage source falsely told Hip-Hop DX that on Friday, August 2nd, 2019 when Willie D and Scarface performed as the Geto Boys (via the  20th anniversary of the  Gathering of the Juggalos (Soopa Stage)) they didn’t pay tribute to the late and great Bushwick Bill and didn’t hold a moment of silence for him. It was also mistakenly reported that people were watching onsite at the Gathering were outraged at the remaining Geto Boys.  The fake news spread all over the web like a Montana wildfire and sadly hoax sites are still presently spreading this misinformation about Willie D and Scarface to grossly  receive clicks. It’s total bullshit! I was thankfully there onsite with most of the Faygoluvers.net crew (not everyone from our site made it) and we watched their astonishing set with smiles all the way through.  Both Willie D and Scarface sported Psychopathic Records Staff Crew Outfits freshly containing RIP Bushwick Bill patches on the right side of their gear.  That counts as a tribute, mothafacko’s. And while  dropping knowledge on the Juggalos to help them in their daily struggles as music fans, Scarface jumped right in and calls for a moment of silence in honor of Bushwick Bill, while Willie D silently obliged by bowing his head in honor of Bushwick Bill too. One brave Juggalo awesomely told the remaining people still rudely talking to, “Shut the fuck up!”

Thousands of proud Juggalo fists were then raised in memory of Bushwick Bill and then the duo (It absolutely pains me to have to write that instead of trio)  flawlessly conquered their  own track “First Light of the Day”, ending with a loud  happy cheers from the Juggalo Family. No one was outraged. The Juggalos were truly blessed to watch Willie D and Scarface slaughter beat after beat while dropping hip-hop knowledge on our asses. Now as to why Bushwick Bill’s verses weren’t played live from the tracks. Theories have been suggested that it could possibly be due to strict time restraint when performing at a music festival. Which is understandable. It’s not their own headlining show where they would normally have an extra hour of stage time. It could be a whole other decision all together. We do know Bushwick Bill’s son Javon Boutte was watching  Willie D and Scarface up close. According to Scottie D (President of Faygoluver.net) Bushwick’s Bill son Javon Boutte was indeed onsite at the Gathering watching the Geto Boys perform When asked, Scottie D replied, “Yes, his son was there and talked to me. Thought he recognized me for some reason, then just figured out that he was trying to hustle some t-shirts. *Laughs *he was standing on the outside of the photo pit. Really nice kid though. He didn’t seem at all upset.”

So yeah. Please don’t believe the hoax sites still spreading the false report. Willie D and Scarface did indeed pay respect to their deceased friend during the 20th Gathering of the Juggalos in Springville, Indiana and they put on one hell of a show! The Juggalos who never witnessed Geto Boys live until that glorious evening, well, I bet their hip-hop minds musically melted upon witnessing their fresh talents live  for the very first time. Mine sure did! All in all, I just kindly ask that all  journalist’s and media outlets worldwide to one-hundred percent fact check and not rush into publishing whatever info you acquired. If you slip-up and post false info your talents are swiftly at risk of becoming stale and shunned by the masses.  On a final positive note, good luck to Willie D on aiming towards a successful path to  being voted in as the next City Counsel in Houston, Texas!  Geto Boys for life!

P.S. Rosco of Faygoluvers.net  simply trusted  Hip-Hop DX as a reliable hip-hop news source. He was emotionally upset upon reading the false news he believed to be truth. He tried to get a hold of everyone onsite at The Gathering , but due to no cell reception in the sticks it just wasn’t possible. His emotions took control and he decided to publish the article upon trusting Hip-Hop DX and they let him down hard.  Rosco has since deleted the article and has learned the valuable lesson of waiting for the truth to pour in correctly. Thank you for all your hard work, Rosco. We’re super thrilled to still have you on our team! As for Hip-Hop DX, please don’t let an event like this happen again. It effects the lives of recording artists greatly. Our site was hurt by this misinformation too. Thanks!

RIP Bushwick Bill


from Faygoluvers


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