ABK’s “Tampon Juice” Album Now Available on CD & Digital!

The second major Juggalo related album that dropped today, July 26th, is none other than ABK‘s disgustingly titled “Tampon Juice” album!

You can pick this up right now on pretty much every major digital outlet available. It’s also available in six different ordering options at TheWarriorSpot.com!

Here’s your options:

  1. “Tampon Juice” CD
  2. “Tampon Juice” CD & Shot Glass
  3. “Tampon Juice” CD, Shot Glass & T-Shirt
  4. “Tampon Juice” Limited Edition CD
  5. “Tampon Juice” Limited Edition CD & Shot Glass
  6. “Tampon Juice” Limited Edition CD, Shot Glass & T-Shirt

The shot glass and t-shirt are also available separately, ya know, if you already got a copy of the CD and just wanted to take a shot while wearing a Tampon Juice t-shirt.

Check out the tracklist below:

1. You Got The Juice
2. Good Times
3. Cobra Moves
4. Ima Let It Go
5. What Should I Get Into
6. Where Da Hype At
7. My Significant Other
8. Finally
9. Deadly Addictions
10. So Far Gone
11. I Tell The Truth
12. Upside Ya Head
13. Flying High

It looks like the limited edition cover is still available so if you don’t have one, snatch one up before they’re gone!

Check out TheWarriorSpot.com for all your Native World needs.

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