Video Masterpiece Behind Insane Clown Posse’s Uplifting Underground Hit “Satellite” Will Save Lives! [Editorial]

Nearly 30 years has passed since Insane Clown Posse started their magical but hellish musical journey embedded deep within the streets of Detroit. No one in the music industry expected the Duke of the Wicked and the Southwest Strangler to become the  hip-hop Clown legends of the underworld within the modern rap genre. But here they are nearly 30 years later still selling out shows nationwide because the unexpected-magical-madness from ICP always freshly delivers. Its what makes the success story behind Insane Clown Posse so inspiring and influential to thousands of underground recording artist. At a super young age they watched their hero Clowns proudly become independent behemoth’s, as Psychopathic Records continuously kept slaying the hip-hop game across the Billboard Charts. With the mindset of wanting to reach beyond the stars, ICP proved to the world that you truly can achieve your dreams no matter what obstacle may lie ahead when aiming to conquer your life goals, if you try hard enough. The Juggalo Culture keeps growing and growing non-stop worldwide and has changed countless lives for the better! Mainstream music critics will always be confused and lost when it comes to the brilliant wordplay Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope bring forth on the mic. The media tries to sloppily write off the music as being too extreme or the humor just fly’s right over their closed-minded selves. But Juggalos understand the lyrical positive metaphors contained within each Insane Clown Posse record and they simply channel the wicked shit to help shake off the daily stress in their lives.

The current chapter of Insane Clown Posse continues to help music lovers shake off that bullshit stress, but more so than ever before! And that’s with the assistance of  the latest Fearless Fredy Fury single; ICP’s uplifting underground hit “Satellite”! “Satellite” showcases more of that super positive mental flavor that Juggalos adore. It’s  J and Shaggy skillfully letting listeners know that they shouldn’t be smothered by gloom. When you’re down, look at the bright things in life, don’t focus on any of the negative. Smack that negative demon out of your life for good! For real. Life doesn’t suck! Smile! Enjoy it! Appreciate the kick ass fact you’re alive and able to experience this special gift on Earth we call life.

The entire video for “Satellite” is an instant bonafide hip-hop visual masterpiece thanks to the emotionally captivating footage presented by the Kuma and The Shinobi Squad. Especially the chilling, yet remarkable opening of the video. It starts out with a young adult male looking around helplessly on a city bus, staring around at all the mentally exhausted individuals while he’s gripping on an disturbing amount of pills in his hands. The young male decides to start stuffing the pills in his mouth and takes a large swig of bottled water to end the pain. But then suddenly he spits out all the pills upon hearing scratching records and swiftly notices  Violent J holding a bright red balloon onsite at the bus-stop. Violent J then lets the bright red balloon float away towards the atmosphere and hops on the city bus, then superbly transforms into an awesomely animated version of himself, just seconds away from dropping precise poetic sunshine to a bus filled with troubled souls. That scene alone deserves a music award for being bold and not allowing controversy to hold back their creative process. Its downright shocking at first, but its Herculean enough to save lives and will do so by helping viewers remind themselves that Suicide isn’t the answer. Life will get better! There are family/friends who do truthfully care for you!

On behalf of the Juggalos worldwide, would like to thank all of Psychopathic Records and World Star Hip-Hop for dropping this nuclear musical bomb of positivity to help the world heal! Congrats on “Satellite” hitting over 5 million organic views!

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