The Final Issue of Twiztid’s “The Darkness Rises” Mini-Series Now Available For Pre-order!

Yes, ninjas! This is the final issue of “The Darkness Rises” Source Point Press, Dirk Manning, Marianna Pescosta, Alessandro de Fornasari, Twitid mini-series within the HAUNTED HIGH-ONS comic book world! We here at are thrilled to announce that Twiztid’s “The Darkness Rises” issue #5 is now in Preview Format.  Its now available for pre-order too! Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Alla Xul Elu are all featured on the front cover.So listen up ninjas, if you wanna help support your own local comic shop while still supporting Source Point Press and MNE, then just ask your local comic shop to pre-order “The Darkness Rises” issue #5 using the Diamond Order Code JUN19-1925!



Dirk Manning joins Twiztid and Dustin to talk about The Haunted High Ons: The Darkness Rises series among other things in the comic world!


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