Someone Cyber Robbed Kung Fu Vampire. Help Support Kung Fu Vampire On Ebay!

Here’s some stale-ass news. Unfortunately, last week the West Coast legend Kung Fu Vampire stated on social-media that an unknown criminal cyber-robbed him a large amount of money. It definitely hurt him financially, leading Kung Fu Vampire having to resort to setting up an online EBAY store. The EBAY store is now live with a whole bunch of fresh KFV merchandise!

From Kung Fu Vampire Across Social Media:

“To make a long story short without some desperate, sappy dialogue, I was cyber-ROBBBED of a very large sum of $money$. I’m gonna post up a bunch of merchandise soon and hope you guys snatch it all up. Thank you in advanced. Love you all!”

Followed By

“Just put a ton of merch items on eBay FOR SALE. Your support is appreciated. Have a great weekend.”

Please support Kung Fu Vampire here:


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