Red Box Reveals Home Video Rental Date For “Family” Starring Taylor Schilling!

To those who’ve been dying to watch the Juggalo Culture inspired theatrical film “Family” (starring Taylor Schilling) and simply couldn’t find time to catch the film during its limited screening across the United States are in luck to finally see it in their own homes in a little over two weeks. The official website behind the kiosk  rental giant that is Red Box contains the rental release date for “Family” and it officially drops for your viewing pleasure Tuesday, July 16th!


“Socially inept Kate is tasked with babysitting her equally awkward niece Maddie for her brother. Things go from bad to worse when Maddie runs off to join the Juggalos, meaning Kate must deal with her own issues of social paranoia to help bring her back.”

“Rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for Drug Use/Content, Language, Sexual Situations.”
Mark your calendars Juggalos and prepare to witness the extravagant  “Family” cinema flavor right in your living room, July 16th!

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