Lowercase J AKA “Penguin Boy” Needs Your Help!

Lowercase J is a ninja that I’m sure a lot of you ninjas are familiar with from performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos and the Juggalo Psypher or performing on TV shows like Todd Ray’sFreakshow.” This ninja’s real name is Jason Brott and he was born with TAR syndrome which is a rare disorder that is characterized by the absence of the radius bone in the forearm. That doesn’t stop Jason from being mad talented though (why would it?) as he’s an extremely good rapper, tattoo artist and just all-around entertainer.

Unfortunately TAR syndrome also fucks with your kidneys and as of right now J is in a pretty bad spot. He’s received surgeries in the past to correct the issue, and he’s still receiving treatment, but now it looks like he’s at the point where he needs a new kidney altogether, y’all.

If you’re brave enough to help out or get involved and get tested to see if you are a compatible donor then you need you to contact Jason directly!



Because of his health issues, his medical bills are stacking up and now because of this kidney issue that stack is about to get a lot higher.

Jason’s very good friend Jayke Orvis has set up a GoFundMe looking to raise $10,000 to help out this ninja with those bills.

Just so y’all know, Jason did NOT ask for this. He’s extremely grateful that people are willing to help though.

Please, every dollar will help this ninja out greatly. Check out the link below to donate.

Lowercase J Kidney Transplant & Major Medical Expenses GoFundMe

Spread the word I need a kidney

Posted by Jason Brott on Friday, June 21, 2019

Daddy Long Legs of Wolfpac sent in this information for us and I’m going to show y’all exactly what he sent. Check out that email below.

Lowercase J, AKA “Penguin Boy” AKA The Illustrated Penguin AKA Jason Brott Needs your help! You have seen him on stage at the Gathering of the Juggalos and the Juggalo Psypher, you have watched him on many different TV shows like Todd Ray’s “Freakshow”. From rapping to tattooing to side show preforming and entertaining anyone who see him, I am talking about none other than the on-stage Phenom known as Lowercase J, AKA “Penguin Boy” AKA The Illustrated Penguin AKA Jason Brott!

To keep this short and sweet without going too into detail, I am sure you already know Jason was born with many challenges stacked up against him but regardless he has never let any of it stop him from going for his goals, keeping a positive mental attitude and living his live to the fullest, a real testimony to so many today who could learn from this guy! Among a few different issues Jason was born with TAR syndrome (Google it) One major issue from that is kidney defects which caused his to be malformed, underdeveloped and not having proper function. Because of this Jason has gone in and out of surgeries in the past, has been receiving dialysis once a week if not more and now finally has come to the point where he needs to receive a new kidney. This was something he has put off as long as he could, and although he fears this he now knows it’s a necessity if he wants to live.

Because of this and his deteriorating health Jason is in the need of financial help for medical expenses that he has acquired but more so the ones he is about to come into. Its because of this is his good friend Jayke Orvis has set up a GoFundMe looking to raise $10,000 so that everyone Jason knows, or who he has inspired along the way could basically help save his life! Also, his doctors are now actively seeking donors for his kidney for a match so in addition to donating money to this cause and sharing this GoFundMe, if you or someone you know think are someone bold enough that you would want to get involved and get tested to see if you are a compatible donor then we need you to contact Jason directly! (jasonbrott@gmail.com, 909-768-0592)

We know so many people know and love this cat, know too he hates asking for any help and was pissed off the GoFundMe was open in the first place but he understands too he needs help! If just a small percentage of us took a moment and gave whatever we could this $10K wouldn’t even be an issue. I know a lot of people can’t afford this, so your thoughts and prayers for Jason are great appreciated too but instead of buying this guy a drink or a coffee next time you see him take that $3 and donate it now! Hell if 50% of his Facebook followers did only that, the 10K could be there overnight! I unfortunately feel $10K may be naïve in thinking and a little low so please simply do what you can within reason! Thank you! https://www.gofundme.com/kidney-transplant-amp-major-medical-expenses

Lowercase J Needs Your Help!

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