Bulletproof & The Fool Taking Over at The Soopa Gathering!

Bulletproof & The Fool hit us up to let us know that not only will they be performing at this year’s Soopa Gathering but they’ll also have a merch booth, a Soopa waffle, they’ll be hosting a wedding and probably more shit to come!

To start they’ll be playing a dope set at 4:00pm on Saturday, August 3rd at Cannibal’s House. You wont have anything else planned some don’t miss that set.

They’ll also have a merch booth set up at the Merch Bizzare for all four day of the event! Psychopathic Records is showing a little bit of extra love for these ninjas as they’re playing their hometown.

They’ll be having a Soopa Waffle (which is a raffle) for commemorative Doobie the Alien, #BPTF t-shirts, stickers, posters and hats made just for this year’s Gathering. Tickets are a buck a piece so scavenge some pocket change and grab one! Why not?

One final thing, they’ll also be hosting the Soopa Wedding with Shape and Lady Rome! That’s going down on July 31st, 4:oopm-6:00pm at the Freekshow tent.

If you already have a lot going on for this year’s Gathering add a few more things to your checklists, ninjas.

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