Bloodstepp Had Officially Retired From Music

The Australian Alien, Bloodstepp has announced via his personal Facebook account that he is officially finished with making music.

For those of you that don’t know, Bloodstepp’s music was a blend of horrorcore, techno, hip-hop, electronica, dubstep, and a whole blend of of other shit. It was dope as fuck though.

His releases include The Chainsaw Underworld, Remixed And Chainsawed, Bass And Bubblegum (which was the Faygoluvers’ 2013 Underground Album of the Year winner), Grand Theft Ufo, Skinwalker Ranch, Killer Bass From Outer Space Part 1 and the Hater Killer EP.

In the 8 years since his first release, he’s worked with some major names in the underground. I’m actually gonna show you a list of some of these ninjas because it’s a lot. This isn’t even all of them either.

In just four albums, one EP and one compilation Bloodstepp has featured:

  • Liquid Assassin
  • Kung Fu Vampire
  • Mars
  • Axe Murder Boyz
  • Razakel
  • Skatterman
  • Snug Brim
  • Grewsum
  • KidCrusher
  • Big Hoodoo
  • Ill E. Gal
  • (həd) p.e.
  • Mastermind
  • Mr. Grey
  • T.O.N.E-z
  • Chop Shop
  • DJ Clay
  • Lo Key
  • Madchild
  • Jarren Benton
  • The Jokerr
  • Spice 1
  • Zug Izland
  • Insane Poetry
  • Claas
  • Molly Gruesome
  • Playboy The Beast
  • King Gordy
  • and even KG Kevin Gill!

He’s also released a Faygoluvers cypher with a lot of the ninjas from the Faygoluvers Forums!

Needless to say this ninja has accomplished a lot!

Here is his official statement from his personal Facebook page:

Bloodstepp is officially finished, proud as fuck at what I was able to achieve being a fat kid on a computer with no musical talent, just kept hitting buttons and twisting knobs until it sounded half listen-able. Got to work with amazing artists and assholes, thank you so much for the support throughout my fam 👽💚

Much, much love to Bloodstepp for contributing to the underground scene and creating entertainment that I know myself and a lot of other ninjas truly loved. You’re welcome back anytime, homie.

from Faygoluvers


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