20in19: 20 Years of Jake & Jack [Jeckel Brothers Documentary]

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the release of the Amazing Jeckel Brothers, our big homie Brandon Ward has been working on a documentary about the 5th Joker’s Card of the first deck!

If Brandon’s name doesn’t ring a bell, he was responsible for two other multi-part documentaries exclusive to Faygoluvers: 20in17, and Generation TwiZtiD!  You can see and hear both of those here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FaygoluversHeaven/playlists

Check what Brandon had to say about the AJB documentary, 20in19: 20 Years of Jake & Jack, which clocks in at over 2 hours:

Celebrate the 20th Jeckelversary of Jake & Jack Saturday May 25th at 5pm est with 20in19. This documentary takes a look at some of the biggest events from 1999 that shaped the juggalo world as we know it today. Mad Professor & sampler, Phat or Wack, AP Magazine chase cover, Asylum instore tour, Snoop, ODB, Hitting the top 4 on Billboard, Woodstock 99, their biggest tour ever, their longest tour ever, the 1st GOTJ & much more!

The documentary premieres LIVE at 5pm est tomorrow (5/25) on Faygoluvers’ YouTube channel.

After 5 PM EST on 5/25, press play on the video below, or set a reminder for yourself!

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