Taylor Schilling will be on Conan O’Brien Tonight to talk about “FAMILY”!

If you’ve been waiting on the FAMILY movie to come to a theater near you, then your wait is just about over!  This week, the Juggalo-inspired film debuts in New York and Los Angeles, and opens to a wider audience the weekend of April 26th!

So far, ratings from critics and Juggalos alike have been overwhelmingly positive!  I know that I can’t wait for my family (both blood and Juggalo) to see it!

While I don’t have any specific locations to tell you about just yet, I have been in contact with director Laura Steinel who is working on getting me a list of theaters that will be showing it.  We’ll bring you more on that soon!

That brings us to tonight.  On the Conan O’Brien show, actress Taylor Schilling who plays the lead in FAMILY will be on to discuss the movie!  So make sure to tune in to TBS tonight at 11 PM EST / 10 PM CST!

In case you missed the trailer that debuted last month, you can see that here:


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