Juggalo Paralyzed in Car Accident in Tulsa, OK. Help Find the Man At Fault [Timothy Reed (Pictured)]

Alright ninjas, this is a super stale situation to have to report on, but you can possibly bring the man responsible for it to justice.

A Chicago Juggalo named Jaime Rojas had traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma for work last November and was struck by a vehicle driven by Timothy Reed.  Timothy was allegedly high on meth, had no insurance, and a revoked license.  He was arrested, bonded out, and never showed up for his trial.

Meanwhile, Jaime nearly died, was left paralyzed from the waist down, and has severe nerve damage.

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Recently a Tulsa news outlet reported on this a couple of days ago, and you can see that below.

NewsOn6.com – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – KOTV.com |

Here’s the full article from NewsOn6.com:

A Chicago man is paralyzed from the chest down after being hit by a car while working in Tulsa. The driver who hit him is wanted in Creek County.

Deputies say the driver was high on drugs when the crash happened.

Jaime Rojas tells me he was in Tulsa for work to make some extra money for Christmas for his 2-year-old son. After the crash he spent a month in a Tulsa hospital, and Jaime went back home to Illinois not being able to feel anything from his chest down.

Jaime Rojas pulled off to the side of a county road near Mounds to check something inside his work truck. Next thing he knew he was in a ditch full of water.

Rojas says a car crashed into his work truck which sent him flying nearly 30 feet. Jaime says he was rushed to a hospital and suffered kidney failure, a collapsed lung. He almost died twice, and he broke his C-6 and C-7 vertebrae leaving him paralyzed.

Deputies arrested Timothy Reed at the scene, but he later bonded out and now deputies are searching for him. Investigators say at the time of the crash Reed was high on meth, had a revoked license and no insurance.

“I sit here everyday and think to myself, what did I do to deserve this? I can’t figure out what it is that I did. But this man took everything from me. I would like him to serve the maximum sentence, because I am the one paying the maximum price,” Jaime Rojas said.

If you have any information about where Timothy Reed is, call Creek County Sheriff’s Office at 918-224-4964.

There are several other articles and more information about Timothy Reed as well.  You can see those here:

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If you can provide any information that leads to the apprehension of Timothy Reed, please contact the Creek County Sheriff’s Office at 918-224-4964.

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