Jelly Roll Releases Two New Albums, and dates for the “Crosses and Crossroads” Tour

Jelly Roll is making true on his promise to “do more than ever before” by announcing 2 new albums and a tour to go with them. The first album to drop is Whiskey Sessions 2 which was recorded 5 years ago and consists of 12 tracks. The album is available for streaming now.  You can check the tracklist for that album here:

  1. Roll Up One
  2. Yippi-Ki-Yay
  3. Bad Tattoos (ft. Scarlett Burke)
  4. Juggling Chainsaws
  5. Lot To Learn
  6. Bad Blood
  7. Let’s Get Lost
  8. Sunday Morning
  9. Drowning Tonight
  10. (The Trick Is) Keep Breathing (ft. Jr Moore)
  11. Whatcha Waiting For (ft. Jr Moore)
  12. When I Get Rich (ft. Travis Barker)

To purchase Whiskey Sessions 2, check your favorite streaming platforms such as Google Play and Apple Music.

The second album is called Crosses and Crossroads which is out as of today! It was written a few months back while Jelly Roll spent much of his time in the critical care unit to be with his father before he passed. He would sneak to the lobby late at night to write from the depths of his soul, and as he now claims in his posts “Therapeutic Music is on the way.”  The tracklist is as follows:

  1. I Call Everybody Bubba
  2. Love The Heartless
  3. No Worries (ft. David Ray)
  4. Double Crown
  5. Same Asshole
  6. Sunshine After the Rain (ft. Bailee Ann)
  7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (ft. MyNameKushy)

You can order the album here.

Half of the tour dates have been announced and the second half (west coast, east coast, and Florida) will be announced next month. The dates so far are listed below. Get your tickets here.

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