How to Grow Weed in the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you’re a true cannabis enthusiast, chances are you’ve dreamed of growing your own huge stash at least once. Now, thanks to new recreational laws throughout the country, more people than ever before have the opportunity to grow their own. As of the most recent state elections, recreational marijuana is now legal in eleven states. In most of those states, it’s legal to grow in the privacy of your home, but for those of us new to growing, how do we even get started?

Diving into all of the options for growing indoors can get overwhelming quickly as you fall deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of available information available in just a few keystrokes. There are as many ways to grow cannabis as there are opinions on the matter, and trust us, there are a lot of opinions. Thankfully, one California company has made it their mission to lower the barrier of entry to indoor growing by offering a premium grow tent kit for a very affordable price.

How to Get Started

Before running out and filling your trunk full of clones, it’s worth noting that each state has different laws, and counties within those states may have their own unique restrictions. In Michigan, for example, you can grow up to 12 plants in the privacy of your own home. In Oregon, however, you can only grow up to four plants per household. In Washington, the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, it’s not legal to grow your own unless you’re a medical patient. In order to ensure you are operating within the confines of the law, be sure to check any local ordinances regarding growing cannabis in your area. Just because it’s legal to consume doesn’t mean it’s legal to grow!

Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, let’s get down to the basics. Besides seeds or clones, there are three things you must have to start growing—a dedicated space, a grow medium, and light.

A benefit to growing weed indoors is that it actually helps you conform to the law and avoid unwanted attention from nosy neighbors. In states where recreational marijuana is legal there are guidelines as to how and where you can grow, and in most cases it boils down to “keep it out of sight and secure.”

The simplest and best solution for growing indoors is a grow tent kit like the RecRoom. Light, temperature, and humidity control are vitally important throughout your grow, and a grow tent kit will be incredibly helpful in regulating the environment for your plants. The secure enclosure eliminates potentially disastrous light leaks, the reflective interior helps to maximize your light source, an inline fan helps to keep the air inside the tent circulating, and charcoal filters eliminate any odor. Premium grow tents from Gorilla Grow Tent feature incredibly thick and durable materials like super-thick canvas and strong steel poles, and even feature height extension kits, providing a vertical grow space up to 10-feet tall so you can really maximize your available space.

For those new to growing, soil is a great medium to start with. It’s readily available, there are no pumps or reservoirs to worry about, and moving your plants around if you need to is much simpler in a soil pot. Once you’ve settled on a grow medium, it’s time to choose your nutrients. Due to the difficulty in combining essential macro and micro nutrients, most as many as a dozen separate products in order to obtain all of the nutrients cannabis plants need throughout their lifecycle. These liquid nutrient programs can be needlessly complicated and bulky, due mostly to the large amount of water included in every mix. Newcomer Lotus Nutrients has blended all the essential nutrients into a super simple three-part water-soluble powdered solution, and are quickly becoming a preferred choice for commercial agriculture and a great solution for new growers.

The biggest decision for the new grower is deciding on what lighting system to install, as basic home lighting won’t cut it. When it comes to grow lights, there are two primary options, high-pressure sodium lights (HPS) or LED.

How to Grow Weed in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Courtesy of RecRoom

The commercial marijuana industry is slowly moving away from inefficient HPS or Metal Halide (MH) lighting systems, and home growers are following suit. Both HPS and MH lights run hot and require investment in full-blown ventilation and cooling systems. If you are growing in your home, you want to make sure your space is as safe as possible, which means keeping a close eye on heat sources within your small grow space.

LED grow lights are much more energy efficient, put off considerably less heat, have a longer life, and offer a spectrum optimized for growing cannabis. Top-of-the-line full-spectrum LED grow lights like the ones manufactured by Kind LED even include IR and UV wavelengths, and have been proven to produce up to 80% more terpenes than traditional HPS grow lights in third-party testing. This not only means better smelling and better tasting buds, but also helps with the “entourage effect” of cannabis, in which terpenes interact with other cannabinoids to provide therapeutic effects.

The RecRoom has taken all of these factors into consideration, and has put together an incredibly affordable package featuring the best products on the market from award-winning brands like Gorilla Grow Tent, Kind LED Grow Lights, Lotus Nutrients, Smart Pots, and more. It’s a fantastic kit for the new grower to get started growing their own stash of premium buds.

But Why?

With so many states starting to legalize marijuana, one might wonder why learning to grow your own herb is even worth the trouble when you can just go to a dispensary. There are countless reasons why growing is a fantastic hobby to get involved with, but you may be surprised to learn that in the long run, growing your own is considerably more affordable than going back and forth to your local weed shop.

As recreational cannabis has become legal, it’s been heavily taxed—as high as 37% in Washington State. California’s recreational marijuana is taxed at just 15%, but the state has added taxes for both commercial growers and dispensaries which has increased the retail cost considerably. With mandatory lab testing, licensing fees, and new regulations for packaging, the price has grown even higher in several states as cannabis companies attempt to recoup some of those fees by passing those expenses on to the consumers.

Nationwide, the average price of mid-range legal, recreational cannabis is roughly $10 per gram but can cost you as much as $18 per gram in Washington DC. By growing your own at home, you can easily cut that cost-per-gram down considerably-by 75% or more.

How to Grow Weed in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Courtesy of RecRoom


When you take into account the cost of your grow tent kit and the costs of running your lights and fans over the course of the entire grow (generally between 8-12 weeks), you can grow your first crop of premium bud for under $2.50 a gram. We won’t bother you with all of the math, but if you’re into that kind of thing, the folks at the RecRoom have done it all for you here. The best part? After you’ve recouped your initial investment with the first harvest, your costs drop even lower—and you can harvest a new crop every 3-4 months.

Studies have shown that the average consumer spends roughly $100/month on cannabis ($150 around April 20th for some reason)—and as we established earlier, $100 doesn’t get you too far nowadays in the recreational marketplace. With rising prices in the recreational marketplace, that number is likely to increase steadily each year. When you consider that for a small investment (that pays for itself very quickly) you can find yourself flush with premium homegrown buds year-round, the prospect of growing your own at home starts to become more and more appealing.

If you’re looking to get into indoor growing, the RecRoom is a great place to start. With premium components from trusted brands and lifetime grow support from their team of experts, you’ll quickly be rolling in premium bud. What are you waiting for? Start growing your own today!

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