David Gunn of King 810 Releases Vol. 3 EP Under His “Yavid” Solo Career; David Gunn “Summertime in Murdertown” Memoir Book Now Shipping!

When David Gunn of King 810 is not delivering mosh-pit induced Metal on stage to thousands he’s usually hard at work within his own solo hip-hop career cooking up dope ass rhyme schemes inside the heart of Flint, Michigan.  Black Teeth Devil Vol 1 and 2 dropped during the Summer and Fall of 2018. And now the follow up to those releases “Vol 3” is finally here and proves Mr. Gunn is an experimental lyrical genius whom absolutely loves the hip-hop genre! The 5 track EP finds Yavid embracing more of his personal life while expanding into a more low-key sound that’s bound to leave  King 810 fans musically breathless.

Vol 3 Official Tracklisting:
“Why Does Time Fly”
“Are You Alright”
“The Conscious of Good Coke”
“Worth It”
“Momma Don’t Go To Work”
 Link To Stream Vol 3:https://lnk.to/yavidvol3

What’s even more fresh is the kick ass fact David Gunn has also been hard at work writing his own book/memoir titled “Summertime in Murdertown: how I survived where the best die”.  Preorders for David Gunn’s  book/memoir have wrapped up and are now shipping!
From David Gunn Himself:
“The Family,
Excited to announce the shipment of books has arrived. I thank everyone for ordering and apologize for the delay.
As a thank you I’m going to sign every copy y’all pre ordered through the end of this week before we ship everything out. Since I was a kid I wanted to write books and make music and tell stories. To be honest I never thought I would write a book about my own life. Its a strange thing to do and Im unsure how to feel about it but I am thankful and grateful for all the support y’all always show from project to project. As I’ve said before Im not the most on top of this social thing interacting and engaging so when I see real interest in the form of individuals ordering this book you can hold and read it it gives me severe pause. I don’t know how to take it so I’ll just thank you again and say that as long as y’all continue to support these stories, this music, these projects, we’ll do our best to keep them coming and try to make them halfway decent along the way. Thank you again. I owe y’all. Ima get to work finish signin these.
You can still order your own personal copy of “Summertime in Murdertown: how I survived where the best die” for only 15 bucks here:

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