Vote For Twiztid’s New Track “Magic Spellz” To Win The Rock 95 Monday Night MOSH!!

I’ll be honest, just from the Demented Duo sharing this on their social media, they’re already very far ahead in votes so I feel like this isn’t a necessary post, but that could change, ninjas! So you need to help out!

What the fuck am I even talking about? The radio station Rock 95 out of Minnesota has a show called Monday Night Mosh where every Monday night they play three songs from three different bands and you decide the winner. This past Monday the songs that played were:

  • Electric Radio Kings – Back To Black
  • Twiztid – Magic Spellz
  • A Silver Lining – Redbull & Vodka

Now as much as I love Redbull and Vodka (the products; not this track) I’m going to have to vote for Twiztid on this one. Magic Spellz is my fuckin’ jam.

A Silver Lining won last week but as we speak they currently have 3340 votesTwiztid is at 15269 votes, and Electric Radio Kings is at 4 votes. Like I said; Twiztid is very far ahead right now.

If a song wins four weeks in a row it’s retired as champion. I totally expect Twiztid to achieve this.

You can vote for Magic Spellz over at by CLICKING HERE.

Another day to sing this song out loud, I wonder can they hear me screamin!

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