Violent J’s “Brother” EP Available This Wednesday, March 27th for $25 [Limited to 1,000 Copies!]

We’ve got a big piece of info for all of you collectors out there!  I know that a bunch of you have been seeking the extremely elusive Brother EP that was only to be available in VIP packages at Violent J’s solo tour.  Some of you have already paid an arm and a leg for a copy, and what I’m about to post may sting a little.

Psychopathic is putting up 1,000 copies of this rare EP, and they will set you back $25.00 each.  There will also be 200 copies of a 2 track EP packaged with some of you lucky ninjas who get your hands on a Brother EP!  I won’t spoil the rest of the flavor though.  Check out the details below, and keep your eyes on for updates!



Pull your fuckin’ panties to the side and bend the fuck over rover, BECAUSE HERE IT FUCKIN’ COMES! Yes Juggalos, IT’S BROTHER TIME!

Of course, just like everybody else in the underground, we’re talking about the most sought after, most anticipated, most notoriously extra special collectors item that everybody and their momma’ wants to get their claws on…

I’m talking about Violent J’s sleeper smash hit of the decade, THE “BROTHER” EP! This bad boy just became even more wanted! It’s now by far, THE MOST WANTED JUGGALO COLLECTORS ITEM OF 2018, 2019 and beyond!

When Violent J announced his solo tour back in late 2018, it was also announced that you could get your hands on his brand new, very rare, 4 song solo EP entitled “The Black Eye’d Kids” but only with the VIP Meet & Greet package during the tour. Suddenly last minute, for reasons unknown, the EP’s name was changed to “Brother.” The only copies out in existence were from the first few tour dates, and a handful that were available at the merch booth during Juggalo Day Weekend!

This Wednesday, March 27th, you can finally purchase yourself a super rare “Brother” EP, but it’s far from free. That shit cost $25 and yes, that’s a lot, but you can always just take the pass option. The “Brother” EP cost $25 because the 1000 CD’s we’re selling are the only copies left, and the only copies Psychopathic will ever press!

Oh, and also because you’ll have a 1 and 5 chance of scoring A BONUS CD THAT’S EVEN MORE RARE THAN THE BROTHER EP! IN FACT IT’S 5 TIMES AS RARE! Yes it’s true, 200 of the final 1000 “Brother” EP’s we’re selling come shrink-wrapped with an additional 2 song CD entitled “Steve Meets Abu.” I know you’re thinking, “WTF kind of song title is Steve Meets Abu?” Well, according to Violent J, it’s a fresh one! Also on the “Steve Meets Abu” CD is another song with a strange title, “The Frog.” So the only way to actually score the “Steve Meets Abu” CD is with luck!

To prove only 200 copies of the “Steve Meets Abu” CD exist, Violent J has signed and personally numbered each and every one of the 200 copies! So if your CD says number 158, you can absolutely be sure that your the only person on earth with that CD!

Now, we know some of you ninjas are hardcore and will purchase multiple copies, so for those that do, we guarantee that every purchase of 5 “Brother” EP’s placed on the same order will come with at least one copy of “Steve Meets Abu.”


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