Mars (Mad Insanity) of Force 5 Records and Pro-Skater Corey Duffel Concord, CA Skatepark Battle Update Featured On NBC News

California Underground hip-hop icon Mars (Force 5 Records) and California pro-skater Corey Duffel have been super hard at work trying to save the Concord, CA Skatepark from being replaced because of bullshit political profit. Recently NBC Nightly News featured a televised story regarding Mars and Corey Duffel’s current ongoing battle and their astonishing effort to save the Concord, CA Skatepark. And now Force 5 Records have released this official statement with more details surrounding the  controversial matter.


“When rumor spread around the Bay Area that a local Skatepark located in Concord, CA could be in jeopardy after a wealthy developer proposed the city to build a 18,000 seat soccer stadium, concerned parents and skateboarders from the area grew concerned. Concord Skatepark is the only legal place for skateboarders to practice their sport in the city. Flyers were being spread hand to hand from skater to skater to reach out to city council and start voicing their reasons why the Skatepark should be kept in place. But after noticing that many of its protests were going by unnoticed, horrorcore rapper and Bay Area activist stepped in to lend his help in making a difference for the youth in the city. He reached out to professional skateboarder and friend Corey Duffel who also grew up skating together around the town as kids. After the two posted a flyer urging more people to gather at the next City Council meeting in support of the Skatepark and to continue sending e-mails their posts went viral around the community. The city took notice and began making statements on both Corey and Mars official social media outlets saying that although plans are in consideration that nothing is yet finalized. “It’s crazy to me that as an artist of my type that I can accumulate enough support from various walks of that it makes a difference in my community”. says Mars in passing talking with award winning reporter Jodi Hernandez from NBC. “I knew Corey from a young age. He was destined to be huge. He grew up here. I knew he would want to be a part of this because skateboarding gave him an amazing life. It has the chance to do it for so many others. Take away a place for their outlet you may be killing a dream for some.” 

“On February 26th hundreds of skateboarders, parents and citizens showed up to hear the two speak on their behalf at the Concord City Council. The cities mayor said that although the property the current Skatepark is owned by BART, the Bay Area subway system, they now have no plans to destroy the Skatepark without replacing it on another site. Although it may be too early for a victory in the fight. It seems that the two made a big enough impact to inspire change within city officials for future planning and development in the area.”

Stay tuned at for more news regarding Mars and Corey Duffel’s fight to save the Concord, California Skatepark!

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