Madd Maxxx’s “The Painted Ronin” EP Now Available

Madd Maxxx has released a brand new 11 track ep!

The EP, which is entitled, The Painted Ronin features J Reno, Donnie Menace, GrewSum and Dubbs.

Here is the tracklist:

1. The Painted Ronin
2. Escape (ft J Reno & Donnie Menace)
3. Inglorious Basterd
4. What The Fuck is Good?!
5. Sick Hop Lives!
6. This That Shit
7. Like This (GrewSum, Dubbs & Madd Maxxx)
8. Black
9. Hey!!! (Demo)
10. Try Harder (Demo)
11. Jason V (Demo)

You can purchase the album by clicking the link below.

The Painted Ronin @ Bandcamp

from Faygoluvers


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