Juggalo Parties Announces for the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos!

Alright Juggalos…you already know that tickets to the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos are on sale NOW!  If you don’t have yours yet, hit up JuggaloGathering.com and get that purchase out of the way!

Tonight on an all new episode of The Juggalo Show, they started out with some Gathering talk, and dropped some bombs about FIVE HUGE PARTIES that will be happening!  We’re talking about Pajama parties, Juggalo Yacht Club parties, Juggalo Jams, Fowlarama with the Reno Rydaz, and more flavor than you’ll even know what to do with!

Check out all of the party descriptions straight from the official website for the 20th annual Gathering of the Juggalos!

From JuggaloGathering.com:


Fuck yo sleep! Fuck yo sleep! Are you all cozy and comfy under the sheets ready to go nitey nite? FUCK THAT! Wake up, biiiitttch! This is the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos! Ain’t no time to be sleepin on this! Jump outta bed and head on down to the Kapow Club, cuz it’s about to get LIVE! Shaggy 2 Dope and Str8jaket proudly present the Juggalo Pajama Jammy Big Ass Bubble Blowout Jam! Slap on your favorite onesie, pajama bottoms, night caps, and fuzzy slippers for this late-night celebration of comfy PJs, dope music, and crazy bubbles! With music spun by DJ Shaggy 2 Dope and ICP’s fearless, furious super-producer Str8jaket—get ready for a night of dope prizes, ridiculous pajamas, and so much more as Psychopathic Records presents to you the craziest Juggalo Pajama Party you’ve ever seen! It’s about to jump off in the dead of night and the party don’t stop until the last bubble pops. It’s Shaggy 2 Dope’s Juggalo Pajama Jammy Jam: Bubble Bash Edition!


Back by popular demand! The very first party of the 20th Annual Gathering is here to start things off with a bang! Throw on your shades, bandanas, and checkered flannels, hop in the lowrider, and get ready to cruise with your homies Rude Boy, DJ Carlito, AT Huck, Manny Fresh, and the Psychopathic Soldiers Street Team as you gear up to Gather and fill up a plate to the sound of super triple O.G. old-school lowrider neighborhood jams inspired by the epic CRB Radio show (CRBradio.com)! What better way to get lit then at this festive BBQ, featuring the Psy Soldiers Street Team homies serving up FREE, complimentary BBQ straight off the grill to the fam, while your hosts with the most take your special requests. This is a party inspired by classic radio greats such as Art Laboe and Electrifying Mojo, featuring DJ Carlito’s mix of classic Chicano soul, funk, hip hop, and of course your favorite ICP jams from the early days. What better way to kick off the 20th Annual Gathering than Cruisin’ the Barrio with your homies! So grab a plate, set your seat way back, and get ready to cruise…


Hosted by Ouija, Lyte, Big Hoodoo, and the JYC

Step out of the ocean of Juggalos and into the Kapow Club for the Juggalo Yacht Club Wine Mixer: “Weekend at Yachties” party! Have a blast, meet mad ninjas, and mingle with all your Yacht Club Juggalo homies—dead or alive! It’s Weekend at Yachties! We’re servin’ up the dopest entertainment and contests: Win yourself a trophy during the Faygo chugging contest. Or try the “How low can you Juggalo” limbo contest! And also on board, on deck, and in full effect, catch Psychopathic’s own Ouija, Hoodoo, and Lyte—plus other special surprise guest artists! As always, the drinks are on us, and we plan on leaving bodies on the beach like a 1989 comedy flick! But wait, there’s more! Hungry Juggalos—we didn’t forget about you! No beach party is complete without a free BBQ, served up by the JYC. So get ready to get Yachty at this year’s JYC Wine Mixer! Pinkies up!


Juggalos—This is IT! The Legendary! Notorious! Infamous! The ultimate grand finale party of the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is back in full fuckin’ effect! Prepare for the biggest bash of the Gathering, here to bring the festivities to an ultimate climax with so many special guest artists straight from the Soopa Stage! So much bass, so full of chaos, and so full of the sounds that pound. It’s without question the best way, the only way, to bring this historic 20th annual GOTJ to its climatic conclusion…with a resounding bass driven BOOM! Join your host, homie, and Son of Southwest Rude Boy as he teams up once again with the King of the Old School DJ Carlito to bring the earth-shaking noise like one else. They are the ultimate entertainers, joined on stage with some very special guests to celebrate GOTJ 20! And no doubt, as the final Soopa party of the Soopa Gathering, you know special surprises are about to be hittin’ the stage. It’s the last night of Soopa Gathering, and we goin out bringin’ the noise! The Legendary OG Juggalo Jam Returns!


The Reno Rydaz are celebrating the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos with the biggest and craziest bash the Juggalo World has ever seen! Are you thirsty? Well…guess what? Not no more! Open wide, sip it down, and get live with your hosts, one of the sickest Juggalo crews on the planet—the one and only Reno Rydaz! The Reno Rydaz are extra hype to be celebrating not only the 20th Gathering but also the 17th anniversary of the Reno Rydaz crew, so you know they are pulling out all the stops and throwing down for this dope party at the Kapow Club! Get ready for free drinks, free prizes, dope music, and so much more! With Fowlarama tournaments and free play running all night long. Prepare to be devastated and maybe three sheets to the wind and wasted by the time all is said and done! No Mercy! No Thirsty!

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