ICP Drops Hints about next Joker’s Card [It’s Not the “Bedlam Brothers”]

If you weren’t at the ICP Acoustic Performance at SXSW last night, then you missed out on a pretty fresh experience!  Having been to the Ballas show the only other time they’ve done this, it was pretty much the same set list, but still had quite a few different stories and anecdotes.

At one point towards the end of the show, Violent J wanted to address the name of the next Joker’s Card.  Yes, Fearless Fred Fury was just released, but he said that the name of the next card was spoken 8 times through the album!  That led to a lot of speculation from Juggalos.

One common guess that I’ve seen is the “Bedlam Brothers”.  You hear “Bedlam” and “Brother” sprinkled throughout FFF, so it’s definitely a good guess. It’s WRONG, however.  Check out J addressing the issue here:

So with HALF of the “Bedlam Brothers” guess being right, what do you think the name of the card actually is?  Leave your guesses below!

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