Esham Announces Afraid of the Dark tour! 3 dates Announced So Far In May!

It’s now officially the midnight hour! The ghost might be playing tricks on me in my room while I type this because the computer desk just decided to start levitating  and the walls then started bleeding and shit! Or maybe it’s just the power of Acid Rap? I just have to make sure I remain alive and get this announcement out to the underground supporters before it’s too late. Not long ago a group of  Sucidialist’s were bravely playing on a Ouija Board within the streets of the ghettos of Detroit. During the Witching Hour a message was revealed  in flames. The words slowly rearranged on the board and suddenly spelled out Esham with a warning of a darkness rising from the casket to consume the earth in the form of a tour.  Images of  Esham conquering venues through out the states began to emerge from the Ouija  Board  with quick flashes of the Acid Rap Motor City King  hiding under the next victims bed ready to taste blood in the form of the wicket shit!  That’s right the Boogie Man of Detroit will be hitting the road soon via his “Afraid of the Dark” tour and fans are already posting all over social media with sheer excitement behind  wanting to see Esham slay the hip-hop game live!

We only know of three cities so far May 17th-19th Minneapolis, Minnesota, St. Louis, Missouri, and Ohmaha, Nebraska. More dates and venues should be announced very soon because we know Esham is ready to burn cities down with that classic Wicket Shit! Stay tuned for more Esham news on and keep refreshing that link to see if your city will be devastated by legendary Esham madness!

from Faygoluvers


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