BAD MiND’s “Mortem” LP Now Available On Black 130 Gram Stereo Vinyl!

After snagging  Replicon Radio award for 2o18 “Underground Producer of the year”  the Indiana super producer  (Alla Xul Elu, Menacide, The Flatlinerz, Daniel Jordan) is back, but this time lyrically on his own production! Yea BAD MiND still bringing that authentic 2001 wicket shit emcee style on full blast to send wack music straight to the casket. The title of his latest LP is “Mortem” and the collector Vinyls just printed up for this beautifully haunting  LP are already out the door shipping!

From BAD MiND Himself:

“Established in 2001, BAD MiND’s debut release “Worship” would blaze a trail in the underground horrorcore rap scene and set a new standard for independent artists going forward. Self taught, self engineered, and self produced, he would go on to craft tracks for some of the undergrounds biggest names. While traveling his own artistic path, he’d experiment with other genres of music (including industrial under the alias Sacrificial System and hardcore techno releases through the Phrenetikal Records label), yet has always gone back to his horrorcore root.

First batch of orders have shipped today, get a vinyl copy of your own at the official site or bandcamp!

Yes, you are seeing things correctly… Mortem is available on a VINYL RIGHT NOW @ !

Some notes:
1) I won’t front, these are EXPENSIVE. So this one is for the most die hard fans and collectors, flat out.

2) This limited pressing is on a black 130 gram stereo LP. Due to time limitations of the format, two tracks had to be cut from the album (one from each side), so be sure to look at the tracklist and download the free digital copy to get those extra tracks!”. Be sure to scoop up BAD Mind’s “Mortem” Black 130 gram Stereo Vinyl  before they’re gone for good, ninjas!


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 Tracklisting & Runtime: 49:01

1. Sea Salt (feat. The J. Hexx Project)
2. Vessel
3. Run Away (feat. J Reno)
4. After Death (feat. Dieabolik)
5. Casualty 
6. Funeral For The Flesh
7. Murder In The Streets (feat. Keagan Grimm)
8. Cellar
9. Child Of The Night (feat. Insane LOC)
10. Off With Your Head
11. Disfigured (feat. Labrynthine)
12. Deceitful
13. Guaranteed
14. Stalk You
15. Sinner 
16. Meet Your Maker

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