The R.O.C. Interviewed at Astronomicon 2 about HOK, Halfbreed, Family Life, Social Media, tons more!

While we were at Astronomicon 2, myself and Chad T Carsten conducted an interview with The R.O.C.!  If anyone has ever spoken to him, you know what a humble, down-to-earth guy he is.  Yet he’s been involved in some of the wickedest, most devastating music of all time…both as an MC and a producer (among other things).

In this 19+ minute interview, Chad and I discuss a bunch of topics including:

  • Family Life
  • Touring
  • Zodiac Mprint status
  • House of Krazees (25th Anniversary, New Full-length LP, more!)
  • Re-releasing Halfbreed albums and EPs
  • Skrapz
  • His final thoughts on “Digital Voodoo”
  • Projects in the works (production, albums, etc)
  • How social media took away the mysteriousness of this scene
  • Being a part of Astronomicon

I’m personally extremely excited for some of those old school Halfbreed projects to get a second chance at life.  Hopefully you guys don’t sleep on it!  The possibility of a full-length House of Krazees album also has me hype!  Check out this interview, and be on the lookout for a couple more (Blaze and Alla Xul Elu) coming very soon!


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