Twiztid Reveals Name of New Album: “Generation Nightmare”! [Hear the new “Sick Mind” Single Inside!]

OK ninjas…a piece of info got past me and rather than ignore it, I think it’s definitely worth posting about.  A few weeks back, Twiztid posted a 30 second snippet from a new track called “Sick Mind” off of their upcoming album.

The only thing that we know about this album is that it’s dropping in 2019, and some rumored titles.

During that snippet, an image is shown zooming out.  Towards the end of the 30 seconds, the name of the new album is revealed! The new Twiztid album will be titled: GENERATION NIGHTMARE!

The homie Jt Clark hit me up with a picture of the physical single (pictured) that he just received with his order.  The pic of the single is the same as what was shown on the snippet.

In case you missed it, here’s the 30 second snip:

A Juggalo who received his TwiztidShop order already went ahead and ripped it and put it up on Youtube.  You can hear the full track, “Sick Mind” here:


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