Ho99o9 Drops New EP “Bad Cop”, Covered By Revolver Magazine

Earlier today, Ho99o9 released their brand new EP titled Bad Cop. The EP is 7 tracks long. This EP is their first new release since the 2017 album United States of Horror.

They also put up a new website layout, which resembles an infected computer and is worth checking out on their official website HERE. Soundcloud streams for each track can be accessed on the front page. In addition, they released an online interactive webzine for the EP which can be viewed HERE.

Revolver Magazine also did a cover article on the new EP, which can be read in its entirety HERE. In the article, Ho99o9 gives a brief introduction of the EP, which can be read below:

“We are machines. In this day & age humans live in a world where the web runs our life, we started in charge but we’re slaves to our own technology. Who’s ‘policing’ the internet & who controls what? Is it safe to Internet, can we really say what we want on the Internet? Without fans, people, conservatives, critics, blogs, coming at your neck crazy? Memes, screen shots, a video or photo from years ago can come back to haunt you. Is it safe to put all your personal business on the internet? Is it safe to voice your opinion on the internet, Is it safe to share on the internet? Is it safe to learn from the internet? What’s real, what’s fake and what’s actually true. Is it safe to say the Internet isn’t safe? Is it safe to love the internet? Is it safe to hate the internet? Is Internet God? Is Internet the Devil?”

from Faygoluvers


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