GWAR’s Debut Album Reaches #24 on Agoraphobic News’ Article “Top Metal Albums of 1988”

Over at Agoraphobic News, they posted a brand new article, with their personalized list of the “Top 35 Metal Albums of 1988.” Some on the list are a few obvious selections, such as the classic Metallica breakthrough release …And Justice for All, along with some oddities such as the identity crisis of Pantera‘s Power Metal. Among the 35 is our very own pals of GWAR, with their full-length debut album Hell-O placing in at #24.

Michael Bishop/Blothar/Beefcake the Almighty is the only remaining member from that original lineup currently still in the band (he was the bassist, before going on a hiatus twice, and returning as the lead vocalist in 2014). GWAR is currently embarking on a small tour running through the end of December, and released their last album in 2017 called The Blood of Gods.

You can read the full article HERE and this is what Agoraphobic News had to say about Hell-O:

And the legend was born! This is the very first album of thrash metal veterans, Gwar! You just have to give these guys credit for what they did with their over-the-top costumes and performances! With their humorous , sophisticated satirical attitude and punky/crossover approach, Gwar will make you mosh with a smile! They have surely changed the face of thrash and metal forever! Oderus Orungus may be dead, but his legacy will outlive us all!

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