Cruisin’ The Barrio’s Big Baller Xmas Ticket Auction for Charity

Our homie The Rude Boy hit me up about a charity auction they’ve got going on with Cruisin’ The Barrio.  On This Facebook post, they have started bidding on a ticket for the Big Ballers Christmas At Our House that’s taking place on Saturday, December 22nd.

This is the date that is SOLD OUT, and did so in just a few hours!  Tickets originally went for $150, but for this date, they have gone for as much as $400.

A Juggalo named Robert Roseman purchased one of these and donated it to Cruisin’ The Barrio, because they adopt a few families around the holidays every year.  So not only can you bid on this ticket, but you’ll be helping some families in need in the process!  Just go to this link and comment with your highest bid:

You can also donate to the families outright at:

As of 1:05 PM CST, the high bid is $100.00.  Bids will be closed on Friday, December 7th @ 9 AM.  To see the details about the auction and the families that have been chosen to be adopted, check the post below.

From Cruisin The Barrio @ Facebook:

Operation cruisin cares…..

So check this out after we announced that we were adopting these two families for Christmas fellow Cruiser and juggalo Robert Roseman decided to help out in his way you see Robert bought a pair of tickets to the sold-out Insane Clown Posse big baller Christmas party on December 22nd 2018 he decided to donate one of his tickets that’s right the ticket that has a face value of $150 this was donated by Robert to us to auction off so here’s what we’re doing people we are going to auction off this ticket…………..

it’s simple in the comments below simply place your bid we are starting the bid off at $75 once again these tickets have been sold out since the first day they went on sale and tickets have been found online for His Highest $400 please if you place a bid honor the bid if you win bidding closes at 9 a.m. Friday morning 12-7-18 we ask that you please PayPal your winning bid by Friday noon 12- 7-18. … once again much love to Robert for this awesome donation…. bidding Starts Now………

In case you haven’t read or do not know about the families we are sponsoring for Christmas here’s the info :

Cruisers yes it’s that time of the year , that giving time of the year…. so it was brought to our attention by a school counselor in Detroit Michigan that in this school 29 families we’ll go without Christmas this year dinner,toys for the kids ect. 27 families have been adopted after Consulting with the rest of the members of Cruisin the Barrio we have decided to adopt the final two families for Christmas in hopes that our Cruisers will help us in this awesome display of humanity… let me also say this I made an agreement with the school counselor that in no way shape or form will we be publicly naming names of families or any photos ,ect.we are not putting no one on blast for being underprivileged . Let’s do this Cruisers Let’s Help!!! …..

family #1 (family of 4).. father of this family at the young age of 31 years old this past September suffered a stroke & of course not being able to work and now mom had to take time off work to care for him, she also lost her job there too little boys in this family, their names Joshua 4 years old(size 5 loves Paw Patrol) & Efren 6 years old(size 6-7 loves Teen Titans Go)……

Family #2 Family of 5 this family was recently separated when father of these four beautiful boys was deported due to immigration status family could not afford lawyer now Mom is left here to fend for her boys (by the way mom works 3 jobs to try to stay afloat) Timothy 3 years old – Michael 4 years old- David 7 years old-Bobby 2 months old…. our goal is to provide Christmas for each family … .come on Cruisers let’s show the LOVE of Cruisin the Barrio!
Donate at:

As always, you can tune in to Cruisin the Barrio at!

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