We’ve Got You Covered for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Ah, the holidays are officially here. If you’re like us, you probably haven’t done much in the way of shopping. You probably haven’t even stopped to think about it. In fact, you probably forgot that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are mere days away.  But just ’cause you smoked that thought away doesn’t mean you should blow off giving the people you love tokens of your appreciation. So, we’ve crafted a special list to guide you through the massive shopping holiday weekend. We will be updating this list as the week progresses and we unearth more fabulous canna-centric holiday sales. We hope this keeps you safe from the masses of crazed, competitive holiday shoppers.

May the herbal deities be with you.

We've Got You Covered for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


CBD MD: Gifting CBD is like giving someone a cloud to float on. Whether you give them a CBD salve, tincture, cream, or flower, you’re giving someone the opportunity to enjoy the truly medical benefits of the cannabis plant. And there’s practically nothing more compassionate than that. CBD MD is a great gift to give someone who might want or need to experience relief but doesn’t want to get high. And their Black Friday sale will make it easier on your wallet, too.

Sale: Buy one, give one. Every order using coupon code “Friends” and has a cart OVER $29.95 will receive a FREE 30mL 300mg Mint Tincture in a special Holiday box! Promotion runs from 12 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday at 11:59 p.m.

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