Bio Killaz Announce Upcoming Shows including Camp Xul 4!

The Michigan horrorcore duo Bio Killaz (Saint Sinna and Klept) returned with an instant classic urban legend inspired EP ‘Bo Peep’.  And due to fan demand, Bio Killaz have announced upcoming shows for the Summer of 2024. Including Camp Xul 4! You can peep all the dates Bio Killaz have announced so far, below!


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Bud Belts

Like any majestic city, you never know what’s happening behind a door in Barcelona, Spain. Someone walking by any given space has no idea what kind of wonderland is on the other side. During Women in Cannabis Presents Self Defense—taught by Gina Contel, Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion and black belt, and held during Spannabis 2023—a group of about 30 scrappy women defied stoner stereotypes by learning how to kick ass. After training, they gathered around a Puffco Peak Pro, the “pinnacle of hash technology” for aftercare (the use of topicals is also encouraged) and shared personal pieces of inspiration or, to sound less corny, ways to not only survive in this world as a woman but how to take over.

“The hardest self-defense class you’ll ever take is the first one,” says Chelsea Kossower, vice president of global expansion at Puffco, an acclaimed dab rig company.

Kossower’s job is to travel the world and accelerate hash culture. She also has a side project called Rolladek, a jiu-jitsu content and education platform. Both Rolladek and Women in Cannabis hosted the self-defense event. Women in Cannabis, organized by Giuliana Roldán, is an invite-only movement aimed at fostering a safe and collaborative environment (for all genders) currently operating in nine countries. The Women in Cannabis event comprises two parts: a panel of women from the cannabis industry sharing insights and opportunities for newcomers. The second part is dedicated to a women’s self-defense class, underlining the importance of self-protection skills alongside professional networking and relationship building. The Barcelona event was located at Atos Jiu-Jitsu Barcelona, one of the best jiu-jitsu academies in Europe.

High Times Magazine, April 2024

For Kossower, jiu-jitsu is the first activity that matched her passion for cannabis because of the community. Her resume is intimidating, although she doesn’t like to assign the word “intimidating” to the sport. She explains at first, that when the self-defense class was announced, she received feedback that folks were scared of what they imagined to be intense combat. But she convinced them to attend.

“They had us lined up against a wall, and then one by one we had to go up against [world champion Contel],” describes workout aficionado and hash maker The Dank Duchess, who attended the event last spring. “At first, it’s kind of intimidating. But I gotta say, cannabis always brings us together. Fighting over the course of an hour and learning and being open-minded and open-hearted, it felt really good. It was a good way to end the cannabis trip.”

Duchess was new to self-defense but very familiar with combining cannabis and working out, two topics which, to the uninformed, are strangers, perhaps even characters who shouldn’t meet.

“It’s generally men that give you some shit about it,” Duchess says.

But thanks to science, even that is changing. In a groundbreaking study from January 2024 by the University of Colorado Boulder (CU), researchers found that legal, commercial cannabis positively influences exercise, making it more enjoyable. Focusing on 42 runners, the research delved into participants’ cannabis consumption and its effects on their physical activities. This study, featured in the Sports Medicine journal, suggests an increasing normalization of cannabis use in fitness despite ongoing debates in the sports sector. Laurel Gibson, the study’s lead author and a research fellow at CU’s Center for Health & Neuroscience, Genes & Environment (CUChange), sums up the findings: “Using cannabis before exercising seems to heighten the mood and enjoyment during the workout, regardless of whether THC or CBD is used.”

While the women in last year’s cannabis class aimed at general self-defense, the influence of jiu-jitsu, which emphasizes technique over brute strength, is undeniable. Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. While it originated in Japan, jiu-jitsu was later adapted and popularized in Brazil, known as Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). Jiu-jitsu teaches how smaller people can successfully defend themselves against a larger assailant through technique. Brazilian jiu-jitsu has achieved significant global popularity in the sporting realm and is frequently regarded as a crucial element in mixed martial arts (MMA) training.

“The point of the seminars is to create distance from your attacker. God forbid, you’re past that point; we teach you how to fall properly so you’re not breaking your neck and hitting your head,” Kossower says.

The self-defense class covered what to do if someone grabs your wrist and (God have mercy on them) what to do if someone tries to put their hands around your waist in a club.

“Never are we encouraging people to fight or hurt people,” Kossower says. “We’re simply giving them the tools they need to create distance and get to safety.”

While the self-defense and dabs seminar was a unique, one day class, if attendants decided that they liked the class and would like to explore jiu-jitsu further on their own, it’s a win-win situation.

“It’s mainly to give them a few skills that could potentially save their lives one day,” Kossower says.

According to UN Women, about 736 million women, which is nearly one out of every three, have faced physical and/or sexual violence. Women who have experienced such violence are at a higher risk of suffering from depression and anxiety disorders, not to mention post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a plethora of other health consequences. The majority of such violence comes from former husbands or intimate partners. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Black women in the U.S. are disproportionately affected by such violence.

“I would like to say, yes, I’m Wonder Woman, but sometimes the world is scary,” says Roldán.

Roldán also works with Puffco. Born in Colombia, Roldán has an intimate relationship with cannabis, which she describes as vital in treating her anxiety.

“I’m very into indigenous culture, and I truly love all the ancient plants and all the real medicine that comes from nature,” Roldán says.

For her, such medicine helps with stress by reinforcing her own strength.

“Self-defense makes you feel empowered like, ‘OK, I’m strong, I can do it. I’m not afraid of this situation.’ We empower the women, create a safe space, create networking [opportunities]. We come together because together we are better,” she says, adding how important that is for women in a male-dominant industry.

While Roldán is talking about cannabis, that industry could just as well be combat sports. According to MMA Facts, the audience is predominantly male. For instance, studies have found that MMA audiences are roughly between 75-90% men and 10-25% women. But combat sports are embracing at least one female: the psychoactive cannabis plant.

In January 2021, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced a significant update on its stance on cannabis use among fighters. The leading MMA organization announced a major amendment to its anti-doping policy, indicating that fighters would largely not face penalties for cannabis use. This decision stated that the UFC would no longer concern itself with positive tests for THC, unless there is evidence that a fighter used marijuana deliberately to improve performance.

What most people, both amateur and professionals alike, have come to realize is that cannabis can be immensely beneficial when performing athletic activities.

“Because your brain is relaxing, your emotional state changes,” Roldán describes.

At first, jiu-jitsu was very difficult for Roldán due to mental blockage manifesting as anxiety. There’s overthinking, overthinking, and more overthinking. But as Duchess details, anything that has to do with body movement and getting your mind right and getting your body right is always going to be a good step because those two components work hand in hand. But when the participants add cannabis to self-defense (while it was only officially sanctioned after class, most consumed before and during), in the words of Roldán: “Everything just flows. I believe in myself more. I feel more confident. I also feel more happy.” At the end of the session, seated together, engaged in the millennia-old tradition of puff, puff, pass, the primary emotion described was pride.

The event organizers are currently making plans to bring it to as many other locations and communities as possible. Learning self-defense, paired with dabs, can help you settle into your body. It makes grappling with black belts less intimidating. It teaches women how to physically protect themselves from an attacker. Women like Kossower describe cannabis and jiu-jitsu as the loves of their lives, their two favorite communities, only improved when brought together through community.

But there’s one more desperately important reason for adding dabs to self-defense, whether through your own local community or a Women in Cannabis event: It’s fun. And not just silly fun, but spiritual, transformative, stepping into a secret wonderland kind of fun.

“Jiu-jitsu kills your ego. It allows you to get comfortable being uncomfortable, and it teaches you to be proactive and not reactive. And I think those were the biggest things I was able to take away from the mats and apply in my everyday life,” Kossower says. “And one of the biggest ego killers in the world is also cannabis, right?”

This article was originally published in the April 2024 issue of High Times Magazine.

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North Dakota Committee Files Ballot Measure To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

Florida has been front and center as of late, after the state Supreme Court recently ruled that its amendment to legalize adult-use cannabis is fit for the ballot in this year’s election. But the Sunshine State is not alone, as North Dakota may be taking another go this November at ushering in its own recreational market.

Earlier this week, a group of 27 North Dakotans filed a 2024 ballot measure petition that would legalize adult-use cannabis in the state if approved, according to a report from The Jamestown Sun

Advocates must gather 15,582 signatures from eligible North Dakota voters by July 8 in order for the measure to make the ballot.

A Renewed Effort for Adult-Use Cannabis in North Dakota

The New Economic Frontier committee is sponsoring the latest measure. The new proposal would allow adults over the age of 21 to possess small amounts of cannabis and purchase products from registered cannabis businesses in the state.

“Cannabis legalization is coming, and it’s coming fast,” said New Economic Frontier chair Steve Bakken. “We’ve got a choice here — let out-of-state interests call the shots, or take the lead ourselves. We’ve carefully crafted this initiative right here in North Dakota, making sure it fits what our community really needs. Let’s embrace this opportunity the North Dakota way, with common sense and local input guiding the way.” 

Upon the filing, the committee shared in a release that the measure will lessen the burden on the criminal justice system and act as means for further economic growth in North Dakota. 

Specifically, the committee shared that legalizing adult-use cannabis would allow law enforcement to focus on serious or violent crimes and enhance public safety, ultimately saving taxpayer money. It also pointed to the safety benefits of a regulated market, ensuring products are tested for potency and screened for contaminants. It additionally referenced the increased accessibility for veterans and those with medical conditions who cannot access medical cannabis.

Casey Neumann, CEO of local businesses Pure Dakota and Pure Dakota Health, nodded to this benefit, saying that he’s personally seen how medical cannabis can help residents battling numerous conditions like cancer, anxiety and chronic pain.

“This makes it easier for our neighbors to access cannabis for their medicinal needs, but it also will benefit our state as a whole through its taxation,” Neumann said. “The positive economic impact alone is a key reason why all North Dakotans should vote yes. Legalizing cannabis paves the way for a more prosperous future for our state.”

The committee cited a projected $38.4 billion in U.S. cannabis industry revenue for 2024, alongside 400,000 supported jobs and boosted funding for local school organizations and programs in communities throughout the state.

The Latest Move in a Years-Long Push for Recreational Reform 

If seeing “North Dakota,” “ballot measure” and “adult-use cannabis” elicits a bit of déjà vu, it’s not without merit. 

Voters weighed in on Statutory Measure 2 during the 2022 election season, which would have legalized the production, processing and sale of cannabis in the state while allowing for adults over 21 to possess and use various forms of cannabis. Voters ultimately rejected the proposal, garnering just 45% approval.

North Dakota also made an effort to legalize recreational cannabis in 2018 through a ballot measure, but voters rejected that attempt as well with just 41% approving of the proposal.

Voters in the state approved medical cannabis legalization via Measure 5 in 2016, though the state Legislature later amended it to remove a provision allowing medical cannabis patients to grow their own cannabis. Gov. Doug Burgum also signed legislation to reduce cannabis possession penalties in 2019, though ingesting any amount of cannabis is still a misdemeanor punishable by 30 days in jail and a maximum fine of $1,500, with possession of less than a half-ounce punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.

While neighboring South Dakota similarly rejected its own recreational cannabis ballot measure in 2022, Minnesota sits just to the east of both states and legalized cannabis in 2023, with residents allowed to cultivate, possess and smoke cannabis flower. Sales are expected to launch in 2025.

Given trends of other states with neighbors gradually working to embrace cannabis reform — with advocates and lawmakers pushing to legalize rather than losing business and tax dollars through residents traveling across borders to purchase products — Minnesota’s recent leap could provide a bit of extra momentum for North Dakota’s effort this time around.

It’s now up to the secretary of state and attorney general to draft a petition title, which must be provided to the sponsored committee between April 23-25. 

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The Ultimate High Times 420 Gift Guide 2024

It’s that time again! With the high holiday right around the corner, we thought it only fair to show you some of our favorite products to make this 420 the stoniest one yet! This year, we’re featuring products from the iconic watch brand Shinola, STORZ & BICKEL, Zig-Zag, and many more. Act fast, because some of these deals are only available for a limited time.

Shinola’s Grassland Runwell

Courtesy Shinola

Designed in collaboration with actor and Michigan native Quincy Isaiah, the Limited Edition Grassland Runwell features a matte velvet green dial, a bright green lume-illuminated number 4, and a thirty-second leaf.
The olive leather strap with glow-in-the-dark stitching and custom hemp watch box sleeve pay tribute to the cause of decriminalizing cannabis, a theme central to the indie film ‘Grassland.’ 

Limited to 420 units.

Price: $695


Courtesy ROVE

Looking for the perfect lift for 420? Look no further than ROVE’s popular Live Resin Diamond Vape! Crafted using a meticulous extraction process from fresh frozen flowers, these diamonds boast large faceted crystal-like formations that promise an amazing vaping experience.

With a potency exceeding 99%, our diamond crystals are expertly liquified, resulting in the highest potency vaporizers available on the market today. 

Experience “Super Smooth Hits & Ultra Big Clouds” with Melted Diamonds!

What sets ROVE apart is our commitment to quality and transparency. We use only 100% organically grown cannabis, ensuring a clean and natural product from cultivation to cartridge. Every step of the process, from seed to vapor, is carefully monitored and perfected in-house, guaranteeing a superior and consistent experience every time.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the ultimate cannabis experience with our Live Resin Diamond Vape. Find a ROVE retailer near you!

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Al Capone Wraps

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Al Capone Wraps hits better with a slow burn.

Finally, rolling made it easy. Al Capone Wraps have become the number one natural leaf wrap in the US and are the only double-bonded self-sealing cellulose wraps on the market, guaranteeing an easy to roll and slow burn experience.  Wraps are fresh, pre-cut, and boast a double leaf for a laid-back burn and self-sealing sugar strip. Available in three flavors: Original, Cognac, and Rum. Find a store and get rolling today!

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CCELL Rosin Bar

Introducing… The CCELL Rosin Bar! A brand new all-in-one, fillable vaporizer dedicated to providing pinnacle performance from your live rosin.

The structure of the Rosin Bar’s heating element was scientifically designed to vaporize THC and terpenes at different temperatures in different areas, allowing for true-to-plant flavors from solventless oils.

The two oil pathways built within its heating element also ensure a continuous oil supply to prevent dry hits from insufficient saturation, eliminating clogs and burnt tastes, and promoting the instant delivery of massive clouds of vapor.

Unlike many conventional AIO devices, the airway within the Rosin Bar was designed to be isolated from the battery, PCBA, and other electronic components, ensuring the cleanest and safest possible vapor in every inhale.

Price: $45


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It’s the only vape you ever need! Unlock the future of vaping with AirVape Legacy Pro, where innovation meets sophistication. Elevate your experience with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled design.

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Cheech & Chong Mambo Herb Stick

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Introducing the Cheech & Chong Mambo Herb Stick: Your Ticket to the Ultimate High!

Hey, man! If you’re looking to take your vaping game to the next level, look no further than the Cheech & Chong Mambo Herb Stick. Approved and endorsed by the legendary comedy duo themselves, this vaporizer is like having Cheech and Chong right there with you, man!

Picture this: a long-lasting battery that keeps you toking all day long, with no interruptions. Whether you’re chilling at home, hitting the streets, or jamming at a party, the Mambo Herb Stick has got your back – just like Cheech and Chong in their heyday!

And let’s talk about the vapor quality, man. Smooth. Flavorful. With every draw, you’ll be transported to a higher plane – just like Cheech and Chong in their classic flicks.

But here’s the best part, amigo: the Mambo Herb Stick is priced at just $50. That’s right – premium quality, iconic style, and budget-friendly? It’s like a dream come true, man! Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Cheech and Chong or just someone who appreciates good vibes and good herb, this vaporizer is the answer to your prayers.

So, what are you waiting for, man? Don’t miss out on the Cheech & Chong Mambo Herb Stick – get yours today and join the party! Trust us, it’s the best decision you’ll make since that time you watched Up in Smoke for the first time.

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Bear Labs’s Super Jack Live Resin Diamonds

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Born in 2014, Bear Labs is a true legacy brand that sets the standard in producing high-quality products with unforgettable experiences. Boasting decades of combined extraction intelligence, our team of tenured operators have their fingers on the pulse of the market so that we are able to bring you the best of the best. For years, we’ve indulged in our own craft, so we refuse to release anything that we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves. At Bear Labs, we bring the fire enthusiasts crave as we continue to build a legacy defined by quality! Our team also understands, appreciates the importance of, and stands behind the pursuit of sustainability. We work with to help plant trees around the world. 

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Is Your Tesla Self-Driving Car Narcing You Out?

A reel posted April 10 on Instagram went viral, warning Tesla drivers that security camera video footage—even when the car is off—can be used against you in the court of law as proof of wrongdoing, with or without a subpoena. 

The reel was posted by attorney Nicky Blu from The Ramcharitar Law Firm, who has successfully represented over 500 clients across different areas of law including criminal law, family law, immigration law, and personal injury cases.

Blu’s video claims that the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is working with Tesla, based on a specific case he’s involved with, and details such as names and dates can’t be disclosed. “Tesla is working in cooperation with NYPD, giving them full recordings from all cameras of alleged crimes.” The purpose of the video is to warn Tesla drivers about the privacy risks that are associated with the self-driving electric vehicle.

“Tesla is spying on you and getting you arrested…” the IG reel reads. “And guess who they are allowing to obtain all footage from all of their cars for any suspicion of a crime […] ?!? .. NYPD and all other law enforcement. All this without even a subpoena!!”

“Tesla camera’s record even when the car is off” This is a problem folks! This means any crime committed around a Tesla, the video footage will be given by Tesla to be used against you as proof of a crime!”

Generally speaking, a judicial order or subpoena would be required to turn over data in criminal cases, and companies like Apple and Google put up a hard fight, prioritizing user privacy. But this attorney says Tesla is not putting up a fight with law enforcement and the company is fully compliant, handing over data freely.

Others Warn About Tesla Camera Privacy Concerns

In February 2023, The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) carried out an investigation over concerns that Tesla vehicles could be violating privacy laws with its security camera feature. “Many Teslas parked on the street were often filming everyone who came near the vehicle,” the DPA wrote, but Tesla updated its onboard camera capabilities and the DPA didn’t end up fining the electric car maker.

A main focus of privacy concerns surround Tesla’s own “Sentry Mode” feature—a perk that allows drivers to view cam footage from their cars even when they’re not in use. “To protect your privacy, Sentry Mode recordings are not transmitted to us. For 2018 and newer model year vehicles (with software version 2020.48.5 or newer), recordings are saved to onboard memory and can be viewed directly from the vehicle’s touchscreen,” Tesla states. “Sentry Mode can also operate in a similar manner without a USB drive installed, with the ability to send an alert to your phone if a threat is detected—however, recordings of the event will not be available.”

In April 2023, Reuters reported that between 2019 and 2022, groups of Tesla employees privately shared via an internal messaging system, sometimes highly invasive videos and images recorded by customers’ car cameras.

“We could see inside people’s garages and their private properties,” a former employee told Reuters. “Let’s say that a Tesla customer had something in their garage that was distinctive, you know, people would post those kinds of things.”

Should You Be Worried About Privacy from Tesla Cams?

Merely connecting the car to a cell tower provides loads of location history via cell tower pings which are routinely subpoenaed from the wireless carrier in any criminal investigation. And while Tesla does provide a provision to opt out of such data collections, drivers will also lose functionality, the company notes.

“Tesla vehicles make use of a camera suite that provides advanced features such as Autopilot, Smart Summon, and Autopark,” Tesla’s data and privacy policy reads. “This camera functionality has been designed from the ground up to protect your privacy. Tesla does not continuously collect personally identifiable camera recordings and in fact, most processing takes place without ever leaving the vehicle. In order for camera recordings to be shared with Tesla, your consent is required and can be controlled through the vehicle’s touchscreen at any time (Software > Data Sharing). Even if you choose to opt-in, camera recordings remain anonymous and are not linked to you or your car, unless we receive the recording as a result of a safety event (such as a vehicle collision or airbag deployment). In such an event, the applicable recordings may be provided as part of your data request. You may also refer to the Owner’s Manual for your vehicle for more information on how you can record or retrieve recordings from your car.’

Last year in April 2023, The NYPD launched a test flight of nearly 200 electric cars in an effort to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. The department hopes to go electric in all of its 30,000 vehicles by 2035.

If you live in New York City, you’re probably already being watched on the street. The NYPD has the ability to track people in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx by running images from 15,280 surveillance cameras into invasive and discriminatory facial recognition software, Amnesty International claims in their report.

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