Astronomicon 6.5 Concert Panel Autograph Schedules Released!

It’s just about that time!  Tomorrow afternoon, Astronomicon 6.5 starts up in Livonia, Michigan!  This quickly became a full-fledged Astro event, and we’re gonna tell you what you can expect!

First off, the panels and events include a VIP party, Twiztid concert, and panels with Tom Savini, Ryan Hurst, Tyler Mane, Jason Mewes, and more!  Check that schedule out below:

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You can see the panel descriptions here:

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Next up, Blaze Ya Dead Homie and his new comic author Rob Humphrey will be signing the comic at the State of Comics Booth on Saturday for an hour.  Peep that:

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Both the VIP Party and the Twiztid Concert will take place outside of Astronomicon at Token Lounge.  The VIP party happens on Friday night, and Twiztid’s show is on Saturday night.  Check the details for both of those here:

Finally, if you’re looking to get something signed from your favorite MNE or affiliated artist, here’s the autograph schedule goin’ down at the MNE booth:

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You can find more details on all of these events, get your tickets, photo opps, and more at!  For those who make it out to Livonia this weekend, have the best fuckin’ time ever!

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