Sadistik’s Groundbreaking Independent LP “Flowers for My Father” Turns 10 Years Old! [Editorial]

For over 15 years, Sadistik’s deep, cerebral rhyme schemes are still captivating audiences from all over the globe. In a music industry that’s consistently mad flooded with boastful, one-dimensional recording artists. The Los Angeles (originally Seattle) based emcee still stands out as a refreshing alternative in the rap game because of his sentimental psychological thriller approach within his music catalogue. And the superb fact Sadistk’s been independent through out his entire awe-inspiring career. As he still is steadily crafting his song structures to keep on improving his own unique art and music through a powerful combination of  intelligent multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, brimming with creative lyricism. Sadistik’s hip-hop versatility is distinctively different from the usual rap scene by tugging on the heart strings of anyone who dares listens thanks to the lyrical nature surrounding his music’s personal themes of heartache and grief.

While Sadistik’s debut album “The Balancing Act” (2008) has been praised for its hot 16’s  and not being scared to dive into controversial wordplay . It was the Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 release of the full length “Flowers for My Father” (Fake Four Inc.) LP that properly showcased Sadistik’s vivid lyrical content on a wider scale. Because “Flowers for My Father,” is an emotional rap rollercoaster that will indubitably  have listeners of all different walks of  life feeling a variety of conflicting emotions, from beginning to end. “Flowers for my Father” kicks off with the heart-wrenching track “Petrichor” that’s lyrically focused on grief and denial, due to losing his Father at a young age.  “Petrichor” is  depressing, yet somehow motivational. But accurately sets the tone for the rest of the record.

The highlight track  “Michael” is an alluring tearjerker dedicated to the life and career of Minnesota rap icon Eyedea. Its rain storm wordplay will instantaneously  bring tears to the listeners’ eyes with its haunting production.  As other tracks such as “Kill the King” (feat. Deacon The Villain) and “A Long Winter” (feat. Ceschi) will give fans the hope and courage to stay strong inside this fucked up world of ours. Above all, Sadistik ‘s “Flowers for my Father” album is a mind-bending hip-hop journey through the darkness of the influential emcee’s past life experiences, as he bravely shares his personal hell in audio format. “Flowers for My Father” is truly a groundbreaking dark, beautiful, impactful  album that the underground hip-hop culture should respect due to its poetic courageous raw infectious originality.



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