Jelly Roll Independently Breaks Record for Most Weeks Spent at Billboard No. 1 on Emerging Artists Chart!

Jelly Roll has done something remarkable in the music industry. The Nashville-based rapper has made music history by scoring a record-breaking 25th week at number one on “Billboard’s Latest Emerging Artists Chart”, all independently! This achievement is immense, as it far surpasses any other artist and puts him in a class of his own when it comes to longevity and staying power. What makes this accomplishment even more amazing is that Jelly Roll has been able to stay atop the chart for so long while remaining virtually unknown outside of the country music scene. In the past, Jelly Roll has seen great underground success. But it wasn’t until recently that he earned mainstream recognition with his appearance at the Grand Ole Opry and his scorching hit single “Son of a Sinner”.

With “Son of a Sinner”, Jelly Roll  has awesomely dethroned the 24-week rap reign of recording artist NLE Choppa to set a new achievement of 25 weeks as the No 1. emerging artist across the Billboard Hot 100 Charts!  While Jelly Roll’s “Need a Favor” single has been making its way up the “Hot Rock & Alternative Songs” charts and currently sits at No. 33.

Jelly Roll’s No. 1 run has also been fueled by his other addicting risk taking crossover tracks “Dead Man Walking”, “She”, and the “Son of the Dirty South” collabo with Brantley Gilbert. Jelly’s music is a reflection of his troubled past and experiences living in the dirty south. Growing up in an environment that only valued him for his street credibility, he often felt like he was on the outside looking in. Through those powerful lyrics, one can feel the angst and struggle he went through to make it out alive. In addition to being informative and personal, Jelly Roll makes sure each song carries a message with substance—one that conveys hope to anyone who is going through their own struggles. Perhaps what sets these songs apart from others is Jelly Roll’s unique ability to make social issues mainstream without compromising its integrity or getting too political.

From Jelly Roll Personally:

“There is no greater reward for a singer and songwriter in Nashville, Tenn., than to have the No. 1 song on country radio.” “Now imagine that happening to a guy that grew up in this town … a guy that at every turn for the first 25 years of his life made the wrong decision. Imagine everyone telling that guy he had no chance at country radio. If you can imagine that, then you can understand why I’m so filled with gratitude. Thank you to … every single person that helped make this dream come true.”

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